Accountancy Board​

     Academy for Disciplined Forces Board

    Adoption Board​

    Adoption Board - Board of Appeal

   Airport Charges Regulatory Board 

     Asset Management Bureau Board 

   Asset Recovery Bureau Board 
   Board of Governors of the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority

   Board of Governors of Education Malta Foundation

   Board of Governance - Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit

    Board of MALPRO Limited 

   Board of Property Management Services Ltd


    Board of the Creativity Trust

   Board of the Employment and Training Corporation   

   ​ Board of the National Aerospace Centre​

     Board of Film and Stage Classification

    Board of the Regulator for Energy and Water Services

     Board of the Housing Authority

   Board of Visitors for Detained Persons

   Board of Visitors of the Prisons

   Board on the Exemption from Motor Vehicles Registration Tax 

   Building Regulation Board

   Burials Board

   Children and Young Persons Advisory Board

   Co-operatives Society Board

   Copyright Board

   Eco-Contribution Appeals Board

   Eco-Contribution Approving Body

   English as Foreign Language Monitoring Board

   Employment Relations Board

   Engineering Profession Board

   Fisheries Board

   Fostering Board

   Fostering Board - Board of Appeal​​

   Immigration Appeals Board

    General Service Board

   Government Securities Board

   Grant Review Board

   Guardianship Board

    Guarantee Fund Administration Board​

   Health and Safety Monitoring Board Maintenance of Good Order at Places of Entertainment

   Health Policy and Strategy Board

   Heritage Malta   

   Home Help Board

   Immigration Appeals Board

   Independent Police Complaints Board ​

   Injuries Board for Disciplines Forces

   Insolvency Fund Managing Board​


​   Jobsplus Board

   Land Arbitration Board

   Licensing Appeals Board

   Local Councils Appeals Board

     Local Enforcement System Agency - Advisory Board

   Local Governance Board

    Local Examinations Board
     Local Wardens Disciplinary Board

    Malta Air Traffic Services   

    Malta Psychology Profession Board

    Malta Philarmonic Orchestra Board

     Malta Tourism Authority - Enforcement Board

    Manoel Theatre Board

    Maritime Supervisory Board

    Masons Board

    Medicines Review Board​

    Mediterranean Conference Centre Board

     Mental Health Services Board

     Monitoring Board for Detained Persons

   National Accreditation Board

   National Addiction Advisory Board

    National Orchestra

    Occupational Health and Safety Authority Board

    Offender Assessment Board

    Open Theatre Board

    Organic Farming Advisory Board
    ​Parole Board​

    Pesticides Control Board

    Pjazza Teatru Rjal Board

    Plant Protection Board
    Producer Organisations Board

     Public Broadcasting Services Ltd - Editorial Board

    Public Contracts Review Board

    Prison Addiction Rehabilitation Management Board  

    Prison Leave Advisory Board

    Private Maritime Security Licensing Board

    Radiation Protection Board

    Refugee Appeals Board

    Rent Compensation Board

   Sanctions Monitoring Board

    Social Assistance Board
   Social Work Profession Board​

    SportMalta Board

    St James Cavalier Foundation Board

    Stamp Design Advisory Board

    State Aid Monitoring Board

    Students Maintenance Grants Board

    The Remission Board

   Tourism Appeals Board

    Transport Malta


    Weapons Board

    Wine Regulation Board