History of the Maltese Islands


The history of the Maltese Islands is rich and varied. In fact, its 7000 years of history date back to 5200BC and start with the arrival of man. Subsequent important dates include St Paul’s Shipwreck in 60AD, which marked the arrival of Christianity to the Islands, the Great Siege in 1565, Malta gaining Independence from Britian in 1964, becoming a Republic in 1974 and the joining of the European Union in 2004.

Today there is so much to learn thanks to the many historical sites dotted around the Island. There are many areas of heritage and culture to be explored such as:

   The Grandmaster’s Palace
   The Sacra Infermeria 
   St John’s Co-Cathedral
   Palazzo Falson
   The Museum of Fine Arts
   The War Museum
   St James Cavalier 
   The Mosta Dome
   St Paul & St Agatha’s Catacombs 
   The Hypogeum, the Temples and Ghar Dalam

You can learn more about Malta’s colourful past and present in the museums that commemorate every era, from prehistory to the story of Malta in World War II.

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