Government Agencies related to Children

Government Agencies related to Children
Commissioner for Children

Pauline Miceli is the
Commissioner for Children. She works directly with children to safeguard their interests and listen to their needs. The Office of the Commissioner for Children was set up in Malta to focus on protecting children and their rights, as well as providing the necessary services for children. The office monitors all areas and sectors related to children in Malta and makes sure that there are family-friendly policies that are also child oriented.

Aġenzija Appoġġ

Aġenzija Appoġġ is the central national agency for children and families in need. Its aim is to help and improve the lives of people in need. It does this by providing professional care and support through community-based and specialised social welfare services. Appoġġ is the central national agency for children and families in need.

Here’s a breakdown of what the Agency does:

   It provides immediate help to people in distress
   It supports families in their needs, with particular emphasis on those who are parents in order to make sure children have a healthy environment to grow up in
   It links people to resources from which they can benefit
   It helps make communities sustainable and more supportive for the families and others residing in those communities
   It supports and protects children who are being abused or are at risk of abuse
   It supports children living in out-of-home residences
   It provides an alternative family to children who need to live away from their own family
   It supports and assists adults in vulnerable situations and provides therapeutic services to them

Aġenzija Sedqa

For those who are trying to get over their addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling, or those who know someone who needs help, there is
Aġenzija Sedqa to help. The agency works to promote health and prevent people from taking drugs, as well as helps families of substance abusers.

Aġenzija Sedqa also organises seminars for school children in order to educate them about health, drugs and alcohol and also provides addiction programmes related to drugs and alcohol abuse, compulsive gambling and other dependencies.

Aġenzija Sapport

If you have a disability or are helping someone who does,
Aġenzija Sapport is there to do its utmost to help. It offers innovative personalised support, expertise and advocacy in order for persons with disability to be as involved as others in community life.
One of the biggest concerns of parents and carers of persons with a disability is the uncertainty of the future of their children or siblings once they are no longer there for them.
This agency offers support (rather than care) through a Supported Living Division so that people with a disability will be able to achieve independence to the best of their ability, continue living within the community and receive support as and when required.