Parents of Adults

Relationship between Parents and their Children

As your children grow into adults, your relationship naturally changes. As your child begins to see you as more of an equal, it is great that you can continue to build your relationship as friends.

It is natural that sometimes parents and their adult children experience problems in their relationship. It’s not easy for a parent to not be the primary influence in their child’s life, and, for the child, the roles parents play can become blurred.

It’s important to accept each other’s differences. Don’t judge and remember: communication is key. Thanks to modern technology, it’s easy to keep in touch. Call each other, send an e-mail or a text message every day just to say hi or to see how the other is. This will make things easier if more difficult situations arise.

Assisting children in difficult times

We all go through difficult times at some point or another be they financial, relationship or work troubles. Let your children know you’re there for them whenever they need you. Opening up to your children about your own problems will help them see you for what you are and help establish your relationship as adult friends. It will also make it easier for your children to open up to you when they stumble upon problems of their own.