Parents of Young Children

​Parents of Young Children
Parents of Young Children
Starting School

You may choose to send your child to a government, private or church school. Once you’ve decided which school to send your child, the next step in this exciting phase of your and your child’s life is enrolment. To enrol your child at school you may simply need to contact the school of your choice and fill in the necessary forms or putting down your child’s name at a private school. Click
here for some step-by-step advice on starting school in Malta.

Starting a hobby

Introducing your child to a hobby will not only help them in keeping fit or learning a new skill, but will show them a life outside school and family. It will also give them an opportunity to make new friends and to discover new skills.
The benefits of starting a hobby are so many that it’s impossible to list them here. Introduce your child to a sport so that they will get plenty of exercise and learn about teamwork; they could go to football or basketball classes. Or perhaps they could start ballet or dance lessons to keep fit and develop good posture. Learning an instrument is an excellent way of discovering the magnificent world of music and it also helps your child’s brain develop.

Eating Right
Children grow fast and need to eat healthy food as their body is still developing. Learning healthy eating habits at a young age will help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they’re older. So it is important to foster healthy habits such as eating slowly, so it will be easier for them to detect when they are full and can stop eating; involve your children in shopping and cooking so they will learn about what goes into a meal; encourage children to drink water and not sweetened drinks; try not to use food to punish children as they might worry they won’t get enough food.

Taking care of your child

Raising a child is such a rewarding experience and, because children grow up so fast, you’ll want to make the most of the time when they’re young, as well as give them the best start you possibly can. Taking care of your child involves caring for them when they’re sick, dealing with everyday worries and, of course, spending time with them and playing with them. Speak to your GP and consult books about your child’s health and speak to other parents and older people for advice.