MITA Consultant



A Career Opportunity within the National Cybersecurity Coordination Team MITA Consultant


Jobsplus Permit 407/2022


MITA is seeking to employ a consultant to work within the National Cybersecurity Coordination Team at MITA. The role requires the successful candidate to lead:


the drafting of applications for EU funds,


the implementation of EU funded projects,


the implementation of cascading funds (EU and National funds).


The candidate will be receiving direction from, and reporting to, the Manager of the National Cybersecurity Coordination Team. 


The remit of the National Cybersecurity Coordination Team is to: 


Engage and interact with the industry, the public sector, the academic and research communities and citizens to build up a national cybersecurity community; 


Act as contact point at the national level to support the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre in Bucharest; 


Provide expertise and contribution to the strategic planning activities of the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre; 


Promote and disseminate outcomes of the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre at a national level;  


Advocate and promote involvement by national entities in the activities arising from the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre;

Assist requests by national entities to form part of the EU Cybersecurity Competence Community; 


Provide technical assistance to national stakeholders in their submissions to Horizon Europe and Digital Europe cybersecurity calls; 


Promote and disseminate cybersecurity educational programmes; 


Implement specific actions for which EU grants, including cascading funds, have been awarded as a National Coordination Centre; 


Oversee the implementation of the National Cyber Security Awareness Campaign, Cyber Security Malta. 


The ideal candidate should have an interest in the domain of information security in view of the topics dealt with by the team. Coupled with organisational skills and cooperation with the other team members, this will enable the achievement of the national mandate given to MITA and specifically to the National Cybersecurity Coordination Team.  


Eligible candidates must hold either of the following qualifications and/or experience in an area related to EU Studies as follows:


A qualification MQF Level 7 or higher and five (5) years' experience of which three (3) must be at a leadership/ senior technical level; OR


i) A qualification MQF Level 6 and six 6 years' experience of which three (3) must be at a leadership/senior technical level; OR


ii) 10 years' experience of which 3 must be at a leadership/senior technical level.


A detailed CV together with an application email is to be sent by not later than Monday, 22nd August, 2022, to (​).


5th August, 2022