Government Notices published in Govt. Gazette No. 21,156 of 24th November 2023

No. 1628


IT is notified for general information that the following Act is published in the Supplement to this Gazette:

Act No. XXXVIII of 2023 entitled the Older Persons Standards Authority Act, 2023.

24th November, 2023

No. 1629


Authority for Transport in Malta

IT is notified for general information that, in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 5 of the Authority for Transport in Malta Act (Cap. 499), the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects has made the following appointments as members of the Authority for Transport in Malta:


Mr Michael Callus

Deputy Chairperson

Mr Christian Sammut


Ms Dorianne Abela

Ms Celine Vella

Mr Joseph Theuma

Mr Godwin Grech

Ms Marlene Attard

Ms Mariella Agius

Mr Matthew Chetcuti

Mr Joseph Rodgers

Mr Joe Mizzi

Mr Victor Dimech


Ms Benice Farrugia

These appointments remain valid for a period of one year with effect from the 2nd August, 2023

24th November, 2023


No. 1630

Office of the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta

Heraldry and Genealogy Regulations

IN terms of the proviso to article 9(2) of the Heraldry and Genealogy Regulations 2021 (L.N. 489 of 2021) (S.L. 445.07), the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta hereby notifies that the persons listed hereunder have applied for the provision/registration of heraldic arms from the Office of the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta.

Anyone is to inform the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta by not later than twenty one (21) days after publication of any valid and cogent representations for or against the application. Such representations shall be addressed to the Registrar either in writing by means of registered mail to the Office of the Chief Herald or electronically by means of email to the email address ([email protected]).

R0062 Garcia-Bosch-de Morales - de Sola, Alvaro-Enrique Marie Hans Joseph (France)

Per fess dexter Argent a Heron close Sable, with one leg raised, its chest feathers Gules all within a bordure Gules bearing the crie de guerre DE GARCIA ARRIBA NADÍE DIGA (for Garcia) sinister Azure 5 fleur-de-lys Or bendwise 1,3,1 the chief bearing as a mark of cadency an annulet Or and Quarterly, 1st & 4th Per fess Argent bendy of 3 Sable, 2nd & 3rd Argent a Mulberry tree proper (for Morales), debruised by two links of a chain in bend sinister Argent.

The coronet of a Noble lies upon the helm issuant from which is a helm, befitting his degree, with mantling Gules doubled Argent, bearing for a crest, upon a wreath of the liveries, a baronial coronet.


R0065: Mifsud, Charles Anthony (USA)


Gules a balance between two demi-Maltese crosses palewise issuant from the flanks Argent. For a Crest, upon a helm with wreath Argent and Gules in front of a rising sun in splendour Or, a falcon Gules beaked and belled Argent holding in the dexter foot a sword point upwards and a key wards upwards and outwards in saltire Sable. Mantled Gules doubled Argent.

Motto: Mortuo Mundo Vivum in Christo


A sun in splendour Or charged with a Maltese cross throughout Sable voided Argent


Argent rounded in the fly, the Arms in the hoist, centrally the crest between two representations of the badge separated by bends Argent cottised Gules bearing successively in Sable the motto MORTUO MUNDO VIVUM IN CHRISTO, the whole fringed compony Argent and Gules, the sleeve Argent.

G0097 Lucarella, Dr. Leonardo (Italy)

Azure in pale a comet, its head an etoile of six points, its tail wavy ending in an arrowhead at Base Point all Or and on a chief of the Last an eagle Sable langued Gules.

A baronial coronet above the shield


G0098 Einarsson, Breki (Iceland)

Per chevron Or and Purpure, in base a dragon's head erased Argent langued Gules holding in its mouth a broken sword Or, in chief the Ægishjálmur Sable between two male puffins respectant wings addorsed and elevated proper. Above a helm befitting his degree with mantling Or doubled Purpure is set for crest upon a wreath of the liveries, a dragon passant Purpure, tongue and snout Gules, holding in the dexter foreclaws a broken sword Argent.

Motto: ᚼᚬᛁᚦᚢᚱ᛫ᚼᚢᚴᚱᚬᚴᚴᛁ᛫ᚠᚱᚬᛚᛋᛁ

Dr Charles A. Gauci

Chief Herald of Arms of Malta

24th November, 2023


No. 1631


Education Act (Cap. 27)

In accordance with Article 30(2) of the Education Act (Cap. 327), the Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation hereby notifies that Mr Carmel Agius, holder of Maltese identity card number 0095567M and holder of a permanent teacher's warrant number 10513, is no longer qualified to retain a teacher's warrant.

Mr Agius's teacher's permanent warrant number 10513 has been revoked and he is therefore no longer in possession of the teacher's warrant.

24th November, 2023


No. 1632


(CAP. 46)

THE Commissioner of Inland Revenue notifies that, on the date shown hereunder, the price of gold and silver on which valuations made by the Consul for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths are based has been fixed for the purposes of article 14 of the said Act as follows:


Date                        Pure Gold                        Pure Silver

                                   Grams                               Grams


24.11.2023                €58.982                              €0.702

24th November, 2023


No. 1633

​Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights 

Renewal of Government Notice No. 681 of 10th June, 2022

The Plant Protection Directorate hereby notifies that Government Notice number 681 issued on 10th June, 2022, on the  Management of Palm Trees Within Designated Sites, is hereby being renewed.

24th November, 2023

No. 1634


IT is hereby notified that in virtue of article 10B of the Notarial Profession and Notarial Archives Act, Notary Doctor Michaela Pace changed her surname from Pace to Zahra following her marriage and therefore her name and surname now read Michaela Zahra.

Dr Keith Francis German

Chief Notary to Government

​24th November, 2023