Notices published in Govt Gazette No. 20,724 of 22nd October 2021





Closure – Pembroke Ranges

Gunnex Exercise


It is notified that as from Monday, 15th November, 2021 till Friday, 19th November, 2021, Pembroke Ranges will be closed due to gunnex exercise.


22nd October, 2021




Live Gunnery Firing Practice – Pembroke Ranges

15th till 19th November, 2021


A gunnery live firing practice shoot will be taking place at LM-D01 Pembroke Ranges on 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th November, 2021. The live gunnery practice will commence at 8.00 a.m. and is scheduled to end at 6.00 p.m. on all dates. This practice will consist of a naval fire.


The attention of all entities concerned is drawn to the fact that AFM will be activating LM-D01 Pembroke High. The area is identified by a sector of circle, 8.5NM radius centred at 355554N 0142832E joining the following points: 360337N 0142406E- 360009N 0143736E. Upper limit is 27000ft.


All vessels are to keep eight and half nautical miles (8.5 NM) off Pembroke coast during the above dates and timings.


All standard procedure warnings will be broadcast.


MATS is to activate LM-D01 “Pembroke high" during the above timings. 


22nd October, 2021


Authority for Transport in Malta


Notification of a Derelict Vessel


The Authority for Transport in Malta (Authority) hereby notifies that a sailing yacht has been found around 90 nautical miles off Malta on 23rd September, 2021. There are few distinguishing details regarding this yacht. The name thereof appears to be BERBARES; is of approximately 12m in length; and is equipped with a Yanmar diesel engine with number 13711, model 3GM30 and having the power of 24HP. No Flag details are available.


This sailing yacht has been towed to the Grand Harbour and is presently berthed at Church Wharf, Marsa.


In terms of Article 331 of the Merchant Shipping Act (Chapter 234 of the Laws of Malta), a receiver of wreck has been appointed to take possession of and deal with this sailing yacht in terms of law, including the possibility of finding its legitimate and lawful owner or selling such. The receiver of wreck is the Harbour Master within the Ports and Yachting Directorate of the Authority.


The legitimate and lawful owner of this sailing yacht is invited to communicate with the Harbour Master on the following contact details:

+356 2555 5000


The legitimate and lawful owner must communicate within one year from the date of this notice and must establish his right and claim to the satisfaction of the receiver of wreck; and must pay salvage, fees and other expenses due before the sailing yacht is delivered up to him.


This notice is being published in terms of Article 335 of the Merchant Shipping Act and shall remain valid and in force for one year from its date, unless the sailing yacht is disposed of before in terms of law. In terms of Article 338, the Government of Malta shall be entitled to all wreck which remains unclaimed by the lawful owner for more than a year from the date of this notice.


Photos of this sailing vessel can be found on the website of the Authority (


22nd October, 2021


National Book Council


Remuneration of the Public Lending Rights Scheme


The National Book Council notifies that the twenty seventh PLR (Public Lending Rights) payment is being distributed to authors, illustrators and photographers whose books were borrowed from Public Libraries in Malta and Gozo in the period covering the 1st of July, 2021 till the 30th September, 2021. 


The list of said persons, their books and total remuneration can be found below:


Author/Illustrator/PhotographerNumber of borrowed booksRemuneration (€)
Abela Gloria196.09
Agius Darren5617.94
Aloisio David4715.06
Aquilina Almikaya10.32
Aquilina Anthony12740.69
Attard Christabel319.93
Attard David Joseph10.32
Attard Edward16051.26
Attard Francesco Pio123.84
Attard Frans A.389124.63
Attard Joe M.30.96
Attard Josette92.88
Attard Marisa30497.39
Attard Ramona216.73
Attard Richard5316.98
Attard Robert72.24
Attard Wistin10.32
Azzopardi Andreas41.28
Azzopardi Carmel10.32
Azzopardi Chris2208707.40
Azzopardi Clare36111156.90
Azzopardi Joanna82.56
Azzopardi Kit8627.55
Azzopardi Mario3711.85
Bajada Roberta10934.92
Baldacchino Alfred51.60
Baldacchino Carmel134.16
Baldacchino Godfrey41.28
Balzan Jonathan10.32
Balzan Rena113.52
Barbaro Sant Tony144.49
Bartolo Simon18258.31
Bezzina Charles51.60
Bonello John A.336107.65
Bonnici Eman216.73
Borg Carbott Greta4414.10
Borg Andrew5818.58
Borg Antoinette25882.66
Borg Gerard James4113.14
Borg Helen23474.97
Borg Norman C.103.20
Borg Paul P.12640.37
Borg Rita Antoinette6019.22
Borg Steve5918.90
Borg Tonio82.56
Borg Ursola396126.87
Borg Ġorġ3410.89
Briffa Angela51.60
Briffa Charles639204.72
Briguglio Marie10.32
Brockdorff Lina780249.90
Bugeja Chris723231.64
Bugeja Ivan123.84
Bugelli Martin4012.82
Busuttil Amanda51.60
Buttigieg Charles11837.81
Calleja Carmel185.77
Calleja Lara4614.74
Calleja Mark7724.67
Calleja Miriam10.32
Calleja Sharon397127.19
Camilleri Grima Antoinette20565.68
Camilleri Magro Sharon144.49
Camilleri Anton20.64
Camilleri Joe9831.40
Camilleri Joseph C.92.88
Camilleri Maria6320.18
Camilleri Mark41.28
Camilleri Ronald12640.37
Cardona Tony20.64
Caruana Webster Sean10.32
Casha Charles1922615.77
Cassar Antoine3410.89
Cassar Joanne92.88
Cassar Kenneth10.32
Cassar Michael82.56
Cassola Arnold51.60
Cauchi Carmel G.822265.35
Cauchi Maurice51.60
Chetcuti Kristina103.20
Chircop Cedric154.81
Cini Claudia299.29
Cini George103.20
Cini Michael17957.35
Cutajar Mario10.32
Cutajar Tony C.348111.49
D'Emmanuele Carlo Olivari4715.06
D'Ugo Becky10.32
Darmanin Denis A.10.32
De Battista Ivan13944.53
Debattista Borg Pupull92.88
Debono Joseph6520.82
Debono Justin11637.16
Debono Sebastian12239.09
Dougall Anton B.144.49
Drofenik Lou8326.59
Ellul Dwayne395126.55
Ellul Godwin7925.31
Ellul Leanne23474.97
Falzon Lisa412132.00
Farrugia Randon Stanley72.24
Farrugia Anthony8125.95
Farrugia Charles J.41.28
Farrugia Diane82.56
Farrugia Joe Julian144.49
Farrugia Wayne185.77
Fenech Victor384123.03
Flores Charles3410.89
Formosa Edgar3310.57
Frendo Henry165.13
Frendo Ruth22772.73
Friggieri Audrey22170.80
Friggieri Joe9229.48
Galea Charmaine V. 4715.06
Galea Francis61.92
Galea Gioele278.65
Galea Lorraine5116.34
Gatt Monica18659.59
Gatt Naomi16753.50
Gauci Claudia11035.24
Grasso Anton258.01
Grech Jesmond7122.75
Grech Josef51.60
Grech Joseph30.96
Grech Raymond C.10.32
Grech Rita691221.38
Grech Rose503161.15
Grech Sergio227.05
Grima Vella Maria 10.32
Grima Adrian175.45
Grima Tyrone113.52
Hamilton Dunstan123.84
Hili Vassallo Sandra14947.74
Holland Henry10.32
Lombardi Gino30296.76
Lughermo Stephen6320.18
Magri Philip M.134.16
Mallia Fiona20.64
Mallia Janet9229.48
Mallia Karmenu20465.36
Mangion Andrè41.28
Massa Alfred25080.10
Mejlak Pierre J.9229.48
Micallef St John Charles412132.00
Micallef Claudia6520.82
Micallef Joanne30.96
Micallef Martin30.96
Mifsud Immanuel8226.27
Mifsud Nadia92.88
Mifsud Stephen D.61.92
Mintoff Dijonisju51.60
Mizzi Alex4113.14
Mizzi Jacqueline4012.82
Mizzi Laurence319.93
Mizzi Matias51.60
Muscat Christine51.60
Muscat David20.64
Muscat Lawrence4313.78
Nabhan Walid165.13
Nuit Nataša Pantović10.32
Pace Joe5016.02
Pace Therese319.93
Pamla Alfred14646.78
Peresso Ġorġ10032.04
Pisani Paul George20.64
Piscopo Michael4012.82
Piscopo Suzanne4012.82
Portelli Anthony278.65
Portelli Emmanuel484155.06
Portelli Natalie42521362.26
Portelli Rachel487156.03
Portelli Ramona41.28
Pulis Victor3511.21
Pulè Joe134.16
Refalo Michael82.56
Reljić Teodor20.64
Risiott Liliana5918.90
Said-Zammit George A.7223.07
Saliba Charles Daniel196.09
Saliba Rita535171.40
Sammut Louise123.84
Sammut Mark10.32
Sammut Patrick6922.11
Sammut Salv28089.71
Sammut Saviour4313.78
Sant Toni92.88
Savona-Ventura Charles10.32
Schembri Frank736235.80
Schembri Karl6320.18
Schembri Matthew319.93
Sciberras Keith92.88
Sciberras Lillian20.64
Scicluna Zahra Moira31199.64
Scicluna Carmel4715.06
Scicluna Mark654209.53
Serracino Joseph746239.00
Sharples Jesmond20.64
Spagnol Jennifer14947.74
Spiteri Charles B.993318.14
Spiteri Kirsten123.84
Spiteri Rebecca3511.21
Spiteri Simone13342.61
Stagno Ġużé237.37
Stroud Matthew26685.22
Sultana Joseph309.61
Tabone Carmel10.32
Tanti Charmaine10.32
Tanti Noel23174.01
Thake Conrad30.96
Turner Natasha196.09
Vassallo Lorna30.96
Veen Veronica10.32
Vella Bondin Joseph10.32
Vella Camilleri Doris41.28
Vella Gera Alex278.65
Vella Charlene10.32
Vella Clifford30.96
Vella Loranne717229.71
Vella Mark19763.12
Vella Rebecca1284411.37
Vella Vincent206.41
Vella Yosanne20.64
Xuereb Diacono Alexia206.41
Xuereb Charles20.64
Zahra Paul72.24
Zammit Antonio20.64
Zammit William41.28
Zarb Edmond10834.60
Zerafa Lizio30.96
Żahra Trevor2530810.56


22nd October, 2021




Notice of Direct Order


In terms of Regulation 111 (2) of the Public Procurement Regulations L.N. 352 of 2016


Provision of the two (2) CISCO BE 6000M (M5) Servers for HOR Telephony System, including related hardware equipment, software upgrades and other services, such as project management, planning, installation, configuration, tests, commissioning of hardware, documentations, and 5 years support


On Tuesday, 5th October 2021, the Ministry for Finance and Employment approved a request from the House of Representatives, Parliament of Malta, for the placement of a direct order with ICT Solutions Ltd, 1, Triq il-Birrerija, Mrieħel BKR 3000, for the provision of two (2) CISCO BE 6000M (M5) servers for HOR Telephony System, for the total cost of €21,104.10 excluding VAT.


22nd October, 2021


Ħal Għargħur Local Council


Traffic and Parking Suspension


The Ħal Għargħur Local Council notifies that on Monday, 25th October, 2021, from 9.30 a.m. till 4.00 p.m, Triq San Nikola will be closed to all traffic. Parking of vehicles is not allowed on this day during these times.


22nd October, 2021


ħal gĦargĦur Local Council


Traffic and Parking Suspension


The Ħal Għargħur Local Council notifies that on Tuesday, 26th October, 2021, from 11.00 a.m. till 4.00 p.m., Triq l-Isqof S. Gaffiero will be closed for traffic. Parking of vehicles is not allowed on this day during these times.


22nd October, 2021


SANTA VENERA Local Council


Suspension of Traffic during School Hours


The Santa Venera Local Council notifies that all residents of Trejqa Fleur-de-Lys, Triq il-Mastrudaxxa, Triq l-Istampaturi, Triq il-Ħajjata and Triq il-Bir can pass through Trejqa Fleur- de-Lys during school hours closure on presentation of their identity cards.


22nd October, 2021






Annual General Meeting


In accordance with Section 70 of the Local Councils' Act (Cap. 363), the Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday, 22nd November, 2021, at 6.00 p.m., at the Council Hall at the Civic Centre, Birkirkara.


Residents are encouraged to attend and participate.


22nd October, 2021