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Planning Authority Legal Notices

GovFilterDate No No No Yes Gazette/PA Legal Notices/Documents/2020/document (7).pdf4212020-11-05T23:00:00ZLN 421 - DEVELOPMENT PLANNING ACT(CAP. 552) - Development Notification (Amendment) Order, 2020 Gazette/PA Legal Notices/Documents/2020/LN 109.pdf1092020-03-26T23:00:00ZL.N. 109 of 2020 - DEVELOPMENT PLANNING ACT(CAP. 552)Development Planning Act (Amendment to the First and Second Schedule) Regulations, 2020 Gazette/PA Legal Notices/Documents/2020/LN 110.pdf1102020-03-26T23:00:00ZL.N. 110 of 2020DEVELOPMENT PLANNING ACT(CAP. 552)Extension of the Validity of Development Permits Regulations, 2020 Gazette/PA Legal Notices/Documents/2019/LN 227.pdf2272019-09-09T22:00:00ZL.N 227 of 2019 - ENVIRONMENT AND PLANNING REVIEW TRIBUNAL ACT (CAP. 551) Environment and Planning Appeals (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations, 2019 Gazette/PA Legal Notices/Documents/2019/LN 225.pdf2252019-08-29T22:00:00ZL.N. 225 of 2019: Development Planning Act (Cap. 552); Regularisation of Existing Development (Amendment)Regulations, 2019 Gazette/PA Legal Notices/Documents/2019/LN 83.pdf832019-04-22T22:00:00ZENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACT (CAP. 549) DEVELOPMENT PLANNING ACT (CAP. 552) Action on Illegal Deposit of Material on Land and Illegal Reclamation of Land Regulations, 2019