Temporary Access Card 2021/22

​The Temporary Access Card is issued to:
  1. Foreign media personnel who visit Malta on journalistic duties: a reference letter, and a valid press card have to be produced
  2. Freelancers / New applicants: Temporary Access Card is valid for a maximum of 3 months or end of calendar year, whichever comes first, after which the applicant will have to produce reference letter/s from media houses and thus be able to apply for a DOI access card. Such temporary access card cannot be renewed beyond the 3 month period and will only be issued once.
This application form is to be accompanied by:
  1. LETTER OF REFERENCE by a registered editor or head of media organisation (applicable for foreign media personnel)
  2. One passport size photograph in jpeg, png or gif format. Maximum size : 1Mb. Recommended resolution: 480 x 640 pixels.
NOTE: A temporary access card is issued for the purpose of covering Government activities only. If a temporary access card is stolen, misplaced or otherwise rendered unusable, a replacement card will be issued upon completion of the appropriate Replacement Form.


Non-Maltese citiziens must upload passport scan

Process according to the Data Protection Act

DATA PROTECTION DECLARATION – Personal information provided on your application form is protected and collected for the sole purpose of issuing an access card. The personal information provided is processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2001 and the Privacy Policy of the Department, a copy of which is available on demand. It will not be disclosed to any other entity outside this department unless permitted by law. You may write to the Data Controller of this department if you need to know what information is processed about you.

WARNING to all applicants – Any false statement, misrepresentation or concealment of material fact on this form or any document presented in support of this application may be grounds for criminal prosecution.