History of Political Parties


Malta labour party​

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       1920                  1933               1949                              2008

​The Partit tal-Ħaddiema was founded in 1920 under the leadership of Col. William Savona (1920-1927).

In 1933 the official name was changed to Partit tax-Xogħol under the leadership of Dr. Paul Boffa (1928-1949), until in 1949 it was refounded as the Malta Labour Party under the leadership of Dom Mintoff (1949-1984).

It changed its official name to Partit Laburista in 2008, under the current leadership of Dr. Joseph Muscat.

The party was also led by Dr. Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici (1984-1992) and Dr. Alfred Sant (1992-2008).

It has contested every election since 1921 and is one of the three contemporary parties in Maltese politics.