History of Political Parties


Partit Nazzjonalista


The Partit Nazzjonalista was founded in 1926 under the leadership of Sir Ugo Mifsud (1926-1942) and Dr. Enrico Mizzi (1926-1950). 

It originated from the Anti-Reform Party, founded in 1880 under the leadership of Dr. Fortunato Mizzi, but was reorganised as Partit Nazzjonalista after the merging of the Partito Democratico Nazionalista and the Unione Politica Maltese.

The current leader is Dr. Simon Busuttil.

The Partit Nazzjonalista was also led by Dr. Giorgio Borg Olivier (1950-1977), Dr. Eddie Fenech Adami (1977-2004) and Dr. Lawrence Gonzi (2004 - 2013).

It has contested every election since 1926 and is one of the three contemporary parties in Maltese politics.  ​​