PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT: Web portal launch – Part of ‘My Journey’: Achieving through different paths

​Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo and Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Clifton Grima launched the web portal as part of the My Journey project. This initiative will help students identify their strengths and opportunities whilst also becoming aware of various resources to succeed in their educational and employment career as part of the secondary education reform.

Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo stated that “through these changes taking place in the education system, this web portal will provide better resources to be able to access new services which should reach each and every student. Our challenge is to provide the best experience both for the educators and the students themselves.”

The minister concluded by thanking all stakeholders involved in this project who worked hard to provide better opportunities to our students. 

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Clifton Grima said that “education is an ongoing evolving process. We have to be dynamic and ensure that our children have the tools to make their decisions and fully develop their ambitions. This ensures that this education system is effective and meets everyone’s needs.”
Permanent  Secretary of the Ministry  for Education and Employment Frank Fabri stated that in 2014 a strategic framework for education in Malta was set up and four measurable goals intended to provide a more equitable, quality and inclusive education system for all our students. These targets include reducing the gaps in educational achievements between students and raising the bar in their outcomes, reducing early school leavers and having more students continue their studies and remain in education. The introduction of the new school syllabi, continuous assessment, the investment in VET and Applied workshops in our secondary schools, the new career guidance online platform, the introduction of new vocational and applied subjects, are just few examples of a systemic upgrade of our system, branded as ‘My Journey’. 

In line with the UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal number 4, the reforms will replace the current secondary school model and ‘will see the educational sector move from a ‘one size fits all’ system to a more inclusive and ‘comprehensive learning system ‘which ‘equitably support all children’s individual talents’ and needs through quality academic, vocational and applied learning programmes.
The idea of this web portal is to convert all the information found on educational/training opportunities found at post secondary level into an online system. All the information needed for students to decide on subject choice in relation to the My Journey routes and the career path which students can pursue within various sectors, such as, science, financial, sports, transport, tourism, ict, engineering, education, psycho-social, construction, arts, media, law and security sectors will be available online in an accessible and interactive way. The students will be engaged and enabled through the information given to them.
The website will have 3 different ways how to navigate:
1. Several professions/trades within sectors outlined above
2. Explore through online videos by employees working within different fields of employment
3. Doing an aptitude test by means of a quiz so that students can identify their skills, abilities and potential aptitudes towards certain jobs and careers
After accessing the webportal on students are invited for a one-to-one session by the career guidance professional working within his/her college to discuss further the respective post-secondary opportunities and future career choices as per standard career guidance practice. Students can be accompanied by parents.