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€94,579 given to local government – a total of 40 local and regional councils benefit from a scheme aiming to transform local / regional libraries into community centers

Tuesday morning, 39 local councils and the Gozitan regional council were presented with a sum of €94,579, given through the scheme ‘Financial Scheme – Transforming Local / Regional Libraries into Community Centers’. The aim of this scheme is to transform local and regional libraries into inclusive community centers in which citizens will have the opportunity to attend and participate in innovative activities, and further strengthen their knowledge in various areas, within a social environment. Those local and regional councils who hold a public library were eligible to apply for funding under this scheme. This scheme covers 85% of the cost, up to a maximum of €3000 (VAT included).
Furthermore, all local and regional councils that have a public library were also given informative books about our environment to be put in these public libraries. There books were sponsored by the private company Norwex.
“These 40 beneficiaries made of local councils and one region are being given the opportunity to better equip local libraries, to ensure more accessibility for the members of our community, whilst also raising more awareness on the need for inclusion. Special attention was given towards activities which involve culture, tradition and handicrafts, and innovative proposals to further improve the way of life of the members of our society,” stated Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici during the award ceremony. Bonnici thanked those present for their effort and said that, “this government has our communities at heart, and it is thanks to the success of such schemes and initiatives that we are provided with the drive to keep on working to give back to our communities.”
Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis said that this scheme will help to further strengthen the social aspect. The main aim of this scheme is to continue helping to transform our public libraries into social hubs for our residents. The Parliamentary Secretary also said that our local and regional councils are the authority closest to the citizen, and therefore it is important for them to embark on initiatives that most closely affect the daily lives of citizens. Local and regional councils should therefore offer the best possible service whilst supporting and assisting citizens, particularly in the social and educational spheres. Such initiatives continue strengthening a sense of community.
Director of the Directorate for Strategy and Policy Implementation Marisa Pisani said that the main objective is to evolve regional and local libraries from the traditional place in which one can read, research and lend books, to a community center where cultural, creative and theatrical activities can be held. The strategy is to bring together persons of all ages in informal activities, which will also contribute to their well-being.