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PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR JUSTICE, CULTURE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Restoration completion of part of the Floriana Grand Harbour Fortifications

Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici has announced the restoration completed on the St Francis Lunette, which forms part of the Floriana Grand Harbour fortifications. “Through this investment, we are continuing to strengthen our heritage and its legacy, and it is thanks to such restoration projects that we can continue to do so. The Restoration Directorate is currently working on various restoration interventions to safeguard our tangible history for the present generations and those to come,” said Minister Owen Bonnici during his visit to the St Francis Lunette. 

The St Francis Lunette form part of the stretch of fortifications overlooking the Grand Harbour, which has exhibited signs of decay. The fortifications are part of those designed by the Italian engineer Pietro Paolo Floriani, is located in front of St Francis’ Bastion and forms the southernmost edge of the Floriana land front outer works. These fortifications date to the seventeenth century; however, there have been numerous accretions over the centuries. This stretch seems to be part of the original enceinte. 
The deterioration process experienced by the fortifications were the result of a number of factors such as exposure, salt contamination (sea spray and rising damp) and biological attack amongst others. The interventions carried out addressed the danger posed by the deterioration of the masonry and the collapse of sections of the Lunette and included the structural consolidation of detached masonry, the stabilisation of the rock face, the replacement of previous interventions, cleaning, pointing and the application of a transparent velatura.
The works were carried out by the Restoration Directorate, with an investment of €100,000.