PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FINANCE 62+ Malta Government Savings Bond – March 2019—results, allocation policy, and issue of refunds

The Accountant General announces that by the closing date at 5.00 p.m. on Thursday 14th March 2019, the Treasury received 13,030 applications having a total nominal value of €105,725,600 against the authorised sum on issue of €65 million, subject to an over-allotment option of an additional amount up to €35 million, in the event the amount on issue is oversubscribed. 

The Treasury is exercising the over-allotment option referred to in article 10 of the prospectus in full, such that the aggregate amount to be allocated will be increased up to a maximum amount of €100 million. 

The table below shows the subscriptions in respect of the two categories of applicants: 


62+ Malta Government Savings Bond – Issue 2019

Category 'A' *


Category 'B' **


Number of applications received 3,3819,64913,030
Total nominal amount subscribed27,697,20078,028,400105,725,600


*Category ‘A’ applicants: new eligible applicants born in 1957 and individuals born before 1957 who were eligible to apply in past two issuances of the 62+ Malta Government Savings Bond held in 2017 and 2018 but did not participate;

**Category ‘B’ applicants: all individuals who participated in the past issuances of the 62+ Malta Government Saving Bond held in 2017 and 2018 and whose name appeared on the register at the close of business of Tuesday 5th February 2019.

As stipulated in article 11 (a) of the prospectus, preference shall be given to new eligible applicants classified under Category ‘A’. In this regard, these applicants shall be allotted the amount they applied for in full. After allocating the bonds to Category ‘A’ applicants, the Treasury is allotting the remaining amount out of the €100,000,000 on offer amongst Category ‘B’ applicants.  The allotment of bonds for these applicants shall be as follows:

applicants subscribing up to and including €8,900 will be met in full;
applicants subscribing above €8,900 will be allotted a minimum of €8,900 per applicant plus an additional 9% of the remaining unallocated balance per applicant rounded up to the nearest €100. By way of example, the table below shows the amount of bonds that would be allocated to Category ‘B’ applicants for different  amounts applied for, based on the above allocation policy. 

CAT. 'B'
Amount applied 10,0009,0008,0007,0006,0005,0004,0003,0002,0001,000
Amount allotted9,0009,0008,0007,0006,0005,0004,0003,0002,0001,000


In this regard, the Treasury is allotting the amount of €27,697,200 among the new applicants (Category ‘A’) and €72,015,600 among the applicants who are already holders of the 62+ Malta Government Savings Bonds (Category ‘B’). The total amount to be allocated between the two categories shall be of €99,712,800. 

As stipulated in the prospectus, interest on the amount invested started accruing as from 20th March 2019. Additional information can be found on the Issuance Results of the 62 + Malta Government Savings Bond – Issue 2019 published on the Treasury’s website at 


It is planned that refunds amounting to €6,012,800 of unallocated monies of Category ‘B’ applicants will be effected by credit transfer through the SEPA scheme in the IBAN nominated by the applicant in the application form on Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019.