PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER Speech by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at the Delta Summit

​Ladies and gentlemen, 

It gives me much pleasure to be here today to address the 2nd Delta Summit.

This year we boast a bigger edition than last year and I think it is an ample proof already of the success of the Delta Summit.

I am told that the expected attendees, until yesterday they were around 8,000, today I was told 10,000 – double the number reached last year.

Undoubtedly, Delta is one of the best opportunities for our country to showcase to the world our progress, dedication, and achievements in the areas of emerging technologies.

We have together made great strides, compared to other countries, because it was ambitious – we were ambitious in our initiatives – and we took bold decisions to regularise technologies which were previously unregulated, and which other jurisdictions were, at times, reluctant to attempt to regulate.

An obvious example is blockchain. However, Malta has now gone further, and work is continuing apace to develop sectors such as artificial intelligence, and e-sport.

Soon after putting into effect the DLT legislation, Malta set its sights on Artificial Intelligence, recognising its importance as an emerging technology.

We initially launched the Malta AI Taskforce, which has been tasked to formulate a strategy, putting our country amongst the top 10 nations in the world with a strategy for this sector.

This showed once again that this country embraces digital innovation. In fact, we want to be the government that becomes one of the first in the world that is AI-powered and lead by example – we are committed to implementing a number of pilot projects in the next 3 years in priority areas such as health, education, transport and customer relations.

We encounter AI on a daily basis, from predictive algorithms, that personalise our news feeds, to search engines that show us valuable results.

We have a unique challenge in this thriving economy that we have, in effect, where we have full employment, and I want to see AI exploited in a manner that improves our way of life and allows families to spend more good quality time together.

We have also launched a National Space Strategy to look at the commercialisation of space assets.  The Malta Space Taskforce has been set up, working towards Malta’s overall goal of pursuing smart specialisation in its economy, attracting space commercialisation and creating a competitive legal regime favourable to development, exploitation and innovation initiatives here in Malta.

Government has also formulated a holistic strategy for E-sport and video gaming; Malta’s Vision for Video Games Development and E-sport will ultimately pave the way for establishing a strong infrastructure which will serve as the foundation for the ultimate Mediterranean and European central hub for the sector.

The DELTA Summit will continue to serve as a platform to showcase Malta’s initiatives and as a point of departure in initiating discussions on visionary ideas, in meeting operators, investors and the regulators who are the pillars of emergent technologies, as well as offering a unique opportunity to experience Malta’s complete, vibrant ecosystem.

I’m sure that this year’s edition will be another success.

Thank you Addalla, thank you to Silvio Schembri, who has and is leading this sector from the Government’s side in a wonderful manner and thank you to you all for attending.

Thank you very much.