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​An initiative aiming to increase cleanliness in our localities

As part of the World Cleanup Day – an event which takes place in several countries around the world each year aiming to regenerate more knowledge and raise more awareness about public cleanliness – is currently taking place in several localities in our country. The aim of this initiative is for local councils to team up with the communities and take part in a cleaning event. The idea is that throughout the year, the participants of this event will act as environmental ambassadors of the community so that cleanliness is maintained. Local councils are also encouraged to promote this activity with the foreign residents of their respective locality.

All local councils were eligible to apply for this initiative. A total of 28 local councils are participating and the Local Government Division allocated a total fund of €21,858 for this initiative.

“Through this great initiative, we are imparting more knowledge about keeping our localities clean, not only for our benefit but also for future generations, by instilling more awareness amongst our communities on the benefits of having a cleaner environment”, said Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici. “As a Government, we are committed to further improve the standard of living of our communities, by providing safer and cleaner spaces for the benefit of everyone”, he continued. The minister concluded by thanking all those local councils participating in the World Cleanup Day initiative.

Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis said that this Government considers cleanliness a priority and this initiative is another testimony to this. In order to maintain cleanliness, however, it is necessary that everyone gives a helping hand. In this initiative, the central government, the local government, the residents, businesses, local organisations and NGOs are teaming up together to clean our localities. The parliamentary secretary concluded by saying that he believes that this initiative should serve as a tool to further raise environmental awareness and have more cleanliness and order in the localities.