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PRESS RELEASE BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR CONSUMER RIGHTS, PUBLIC CLEANSING AND SUPPORT FOR THE CAPITAL CITY: An open day at the Malta Medicines Authority to recognise the advancements in pharmaceutical and regulatory sciences

"The pharmaceutical and regulatory sciences are expanding in new directions to meet with the dynamic healthcare needs of patients. This is invariably linked to scientific research and professional educational development through robust educational courses that provide the necessary tools to develop the required skills and competencies", said the Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Rights, Public Cleansing and Support for the Capital City Deo Debattista during his address at the Malta Medicines Authority open day.

The Malta Medicines Authority encourages its team to engage in network-led partnerships with academia and undertake ground-breaking research in strategic areas of the regulatory sciences. This is imperative in Malta Medicines Authority's strive for excellence, which is recognised internationally for its reliable scientific work across all directorates in safeguarding the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines for patients in the European framework. Through national and international collaborations, the Authority is driving innovative research in emerging areas such as cannabis for medicinal use and pharmacogenetics. The Academy for Patient Centered Excellence and Innovation in Regulatory Sciences within the Malta Medicines Authority, in collaboration with the Malta Laboratories Network, has been set up to stimulate intellectual curiosity and sustain research in innovative aspects of regulatory sciences.

Advanced courses are being organised in various fields, such as the European regulations of medical devices, clinical trials and ISO training standards to ensure quality in every process that occurs. Parliamentary Secretary Deo Debattista concluded his speech by encouraging students to pursue a career in pharmacy or pharmaceutical technology. These courses provide an outstanding opportunity to develop the necessary competencies that contribute to placing Malta at the forefront of research and innovation in pharmaceutical sciences.