PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT The next step for online education: free online lessons for parents and educators


After the Ministry for Education and Employment, in agreement with the main stakeholders, provided online learning in schools, educational institutions and adult learning centres, today it  was announced that free online lessons will also be offered to parents and educators in order to turn the present situation into an opportunity and further their educational pathway.

The provision of free online lessons to parents and educators is the Government's next step in the quest to provide educational content for the benefit of everyone through online means.

These lessons will be given by the Institute for Education and will be divided into two groups – one group of short online lessons for educators and another group of lessons for parents.

The lessons being given to educators will serve them to improve their educational competences and in their career progression as part of the Accelerated Progression Scheme. During these lessons, the educators can talk with the lecturer and also to one another, ask queries, discuss and participate as though they are in the same class. With every training course they successfully conclude, the educators will be able to accumulate hours of teaching until they reach the 360 hours needed to progress in their scale in 6 years'  time instead of 8. In total, there will be 17 synchronous lessons offered between April and June with the aim to cover a variety of subjects such as inclusion, working together with parents, intercultural communication, how to help the development of children to be able to learn independently and be responsible for their work, how to facilitate learning for those students on the autism spectrum. In less than a week, 178 educators already applied for these sessions so far.

The second set of lessons being offered by the Institute for Education are aimed at the parents that wish to help their children with school work currently being given and this follows a general request made to the Ministry for Education and Employment from parents wishing to have the opportunity to learn how they can better assist their children. A total of 41 lessons will be offered between April and June. Until now, there are already 479 parents who have signed up for these sessions. The subjects that are included in these lessons include: how one can help children with autism at home, how to entice children to read and write, how one can help children with learning difficulties, how to improve mathematical skills of children, how to collaborate with schools and how to improve orthography in Maltese.

Those who are interested in applying for these lessons can do so on for parents and for educators. The courses will begin in April and will continue until June.

Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici said that these sessions a beautiful opportunity for educators as well as parents. He thanked the Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri and the CEO of the Institute for Education Joanne Grima for their excellent work that is being done so that opportunities such as these can be offered.

The Institute for Education was founded in 2015 with the aim of offering courses for supply teachers who wish to become regular teachers, people who have a different career but wish to become teachers, and students that reached MQF level 4 and prefer to work in the mornings while continue to study on a part-time basis. The Institute also offers another 65 accredited short courses that also serve for personal development and are part of the Accelerated Progression Scheme.

The Institute for Education has a total of 1568 participants in all of its courses.