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PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT, INFRASTRUCTURE AND CAPITAL PROJECTS Public Works Department carrying out works on the Dingli Scouts complex


Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg visited the complex being used by the Dingli Scouts, where an extension and embellishment project is being implemented by the Public Works Department.


"Work in our communities remains among our top priorities. These projects are a direct investment in the quality of life of people, in future generations, in families, in our youths and in our elderly people. At the end of the day, the people are our first priority and today, once again, we are confirming our commitment to the standard of living of our communities," said Minister Ian Borg.


Work on the complex began in March 2019 and is nearing its conclusion. The Public Works Department carried out extensive construction, finishing and embellishment works on this site. Among other things, this project will give this complex an accessible subterranean floor for storage purposes, an improved building through restructuring, finishing, water and electricity, sanitary facilities, new apertures, recreational spaces and ancillary facilities as well as improved accessibility. Apart from this, the ceiling of an existing reservoir was replaced, and works towards improved safety, shelter from elements and rainwater management were carried out together with work on rubble walls.


Infrastructure Malta provided a number of trees for this site. These were planted in various parts of the complex, and an irrigation system is being introduced for proper maintenance. A fountain is also being built on site.


"I am happy to see children, youths and all those involved in this organisation actively participating in the Dingli society. I am happy we are investing in them. And we will continue investing in them and in all our communities. Our top priority is the quality of life of people and we are committed to continue investing towards a better standard of living in our communities," concluded Minister Ian Borg.