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Minister Owen Bonnici underlines the importance of the Alternative Learning Programme in our educational system

Minister for Education and Employment Owen Bonnici has visited the Alternative Learning Programme (ALP) School, which forms part of the St Thomas More College as part of a series of visits in our country’s schools and educational institutions. This programme is only offered at this school.

Dr Owen Bonnici lauded the work done at the ALP and stressed on the importance of “offering alternative education for our students, by providing them with the possibility of pursuing a vocational pathway. Everyone possesses different skills, and through this programme we are offering students training in different fields and hands-on experience, providing them with the necessary tools to mould their future.”

The ALP provides students with an alternative opportunity through vocational subjects, enriches them with relevant and competent skills, and thus prepares them to step in higher vocational education with practical and theoretical knowledge. The ALP is a vocational and creative centre that offers many hands-on and practical opportunities through a number of programmes and courses. It engages students to develop themselves for the needs of a society that is increasingly demanding skilled and knowledgeable workers. The programme is available for students who are in their final year of formal schooling (Year 11) and can be pursued for two years. The ALP+ is also available for students between the age of 16 and 18.

Dr Owen Bonnici also held a meeting with the Head of School, educators and staff of St Thomas More College ALP in Paola.