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The Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government in collaboration with Arts Council Malta (ACM) will be setting up a COVID-19 Transition Arts Advisory Group to support the lifting and adaptation of COVID-19 measures. The COVID-19 Transition Arts Advisory Group will be discussing and proposing recommendations in conjunction with disciplines, events and venues, to the Malta public health authorities and the creative and cultural sectors alike. 

Since March 2020, cultural institutions have been closed; exhibitions, events and performances cancelled or postponed; and relative training, practice and rehearsals dismissed. Intensive efforts were made to provide alternative or additional services through digital platforms; to maintain essential activities with minimal resources adrift, to document the circumstances and simultaneously create awareness whilst birthing new creative works inspired by the event. 

Minister for National Heritage, Arts and Local Government José Herrera said that the government wants to ensure that the long term sustainability of the sector is not hindered and hence every effort must be done to protect and proactively respond to the post-COVID-19 realities. Minister Herrera stated that “As a government, we want to continue building on the initiatives we have already taken such as the COVID 19 Wage Supplement, Kultura Malta initiative, Teatru Depożit, Malta Arts Fund Special Call and other initiatives.” while also pointing out that the entities under the Ministry have already starting to announce several other initiatives in order to move towards normality.

Arts Council Malta Chairman Albert Marshall said that close monitoring of how other colleagues overseas are going about COVID-19 transition procedures is essential. “I am impressed – and inspired – by the phenomenon of similarity that exists between the problems incurred by cultural sectors globally and the creative efforts that are being put forward to manage these problems strategically and proactively. A successful transition in these circumstances demands to establish camaraderie networks and knowledge sharing. ACM is already on the right track on this: through its membership in the EU National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) and International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies (IFACCA).” remarked Mr Albert Marshall Chairperson of the Arts Council Malta.

The objective of the COVID-19 Transition Arts Advisory Group is to identify and prioritise main concerns and solutions to physical distancing, people traffic, crowd management and precautionary system requirements. The Advisory Group shall consist of smaller working units tackling different focal points. Members of the working units are experienced and knowledgeable in their field whilst covering a wide creative and cultural spectrum, spanning from the individual freelance artists, cultural operators all the way to small, medium and large organisations, both from the public and private sectors.

For active participation, feedback and more information one can visit the arts council website, write an email to or call on 23347227.​