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PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR JUSTICE, EQUALITY AND GOVERNANCE AND THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR EUROPEAN FUNDS Launch of – Malta’s new web portal, improving the overall efficient access to legal resources

The Minister for Justice, Equality and Governance Edward Zammit Lewis, together with the Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi, launched Malta's new web portal regarding legislation – The portal is available for the use of the general public, public administration, and all those working in the legal profession. is administered by the Legislation Unit within the Office of the State Advocate, and it is replacing the Legal Services section of the outdated justiceservices website, which will be decommissioned in the coming weeks.


The website features several innovative features, including consolidated laws, legal acts, legal notices, and bye laws. It is also accessible on any type of platform.


The Ministry for Justice has undergone a digitalisation project, which includes the website, amongst others, with an investment of nearly half a million euros, co-financed by the EU. This website will serve as a one-stop shop, both for the citizens, as well as all those in the legal profession. One can now receive mobile notifications, and pay any pending fines.


All court computers have been upgraded, together with the strengthening of the network, with the installation of more than 120,000 meters of wiring. This was done with an investment of more than €600,000.


Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said that this website is being launched to provide better service for both citizens and those working in the legal sector. He stated that will be accessible on all platforms, and that it will provide access to pending cases, acts, legal notices, and EU laws. He concluded by saying that this is part of the government's digital strategy, to make the Law Courts and its systems more accessible to the people.


Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi said that this website forms part of a more wide-ranging project called 'Connected eGovernment - CONvErGE', in which €45 million were invested and co-financed by EU funds. He stated that the main aim of this project is to set up applications beneficial to citizens, professionals and businesses alike. The Parliamentary Secretary concluded that, through EU fund, this website will provide the necessary digital tools to grant efficient access to various legal resources.​