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​Measures which will enable relatives to see the elderly residing in residential homes

After consulting with all parties concerned, relatives can now see the elderly residing in residential homes, however, several specific instructions have to be followed. New measures were announced earlier today during a press conference addressed by Minister Michael Falzon and Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis.

St.Vincent De Paul long-term facility

The St. Vincent De Paul long-term care facility administration will start letting relatives visit elderly residing in this residence in a safe manner. This service will be introduced in accordance with special arrangements and in conformity with the regulations of the Public Health Authority. These visits will start on Monday 24th May 2020.

St. Vincent De Paul residence is a large complex and it currently holds 1,100 residents who are spread in over 30 different halls. In order for such visits to be possible, special logistical preparations aimed at ensuring residents’ safety have been made.

To this end several visiting points have been set-up. The relatives will be guided to a specific visiting point in accordance with the ward in which the particular resident that they are visiting reside in. These visits will take place as indicated below:

For an appointment visitors have to call on 22912373.
This appointment will have to be scheduled two days prior.
Maximum time allocated for a visit is 15 minutes.
Visits will take place behind a perspex.
A maximum of 4 persons will be able to visit the resident according to the Public Health Department guidelines.
A reserved parking space at St. Vincent De Paul main entrance will be available for each visit.
When visiting, the visitors must first register at the main entrance. Visitors must present their identity card and a visit pass will be issued. Prior to entering the residence, the visitors will also be screened.
A shuttle service for all visiting points will also be available at the main entrance.
Before entering the residence, all visitors must already be wearing a protective mask and/or a visor. This protective equipment can only be removed after the visitors have exited the premises and not before, as recommended by the Public Health Department. Visits without this protective equipment will be prohibited.
During these visits, all visitors must follow the guidelines found near each visiting point. This will ensure the residents’ well-being and safety.
As soon as the visit is over, all visitors must leave the premises as soon as possible. This will prevent congestion of relatives St. Vincent De Paul.

In order for this system to be successful, visitors’ cooperation is crucial. Visitors must therefore be there on time. If the visitors are late for their appointment, time will be deducted from their visit. No visitors will be allowed in the residence without an appointment. All visitors are being requested to follow all the instructions given during these visits since these will continue ensuring the residents’ well-being.

Government, Church and Private residential facilities

The same as with the measures being implemented in Saint Vincent De Paul residence, the aim of the measures for visits in Government, Church and Private residential facilities is to avoid local transmission and cross-infection between visitors and residents of residential homes. These measures will also help avoiding congestion of relatives and residents in one place. By means of these measures there will be an organised and systematic procedure. Visits in these homes must take place as indicated below.

The residential facility shall identify a zone to serve as visiting area that will be secure and where residents and relatives will be separated by a perspex or glass partition;
All visits will be scheduled by an appointment system. Visitors should phone the residential facility in order to schedule an appointment;
A maximum of four (4) visitors will be allowed during each visit. Each resident will be given a prearranged time of fifteen (15) minutes each;
Once the first resident would have exhausted the fifteen (15) minute time slot, he/she should leave the visiting areas, and the other resident would be allowed to visit his/her loved one. These visitors will be admitted following the necessary sanitisation measures;
The visiting times are to be scheduled by respective homes and communicated to SCSA;
All visitors should wear a mask or visor at all times during the visit;
During these visiting times, employees of the residential homes are to keep the identified areas available.