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PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR SOCIAL ACCOMMODATION: In 2020, the government has invested €7 million in improvement, maintenance and adaptation works

50 families living in social housing in Siġġiewi benefit from an investment of €300,000

During the past year, the government has invested €7 million in improvement, maintenance and adaptation works. Minister for Social Accommodation Roderick Galdes announced this investment during a visit in the Ta’ Ramija area in Siġġiewi. This area has undergone regeneration works targeting the facades of three social accommodation blocks through an investment of €300,000, with 50 families benefitting from these refurbishment works.

“80% of the regeneration projects of social housing blocks that we started back in 2020 have been completed. This implies a stark improvement in the quality of life of 500 families following a significant investment of €2.6 million. The regenerated social housing blocks in Ta’ Ramija in Siġġiewi are testament of how these projects are not only offering a more appropriate and decent environment to residents, but also to all the people of Siġġiewi. We have transformed these edifices from what were previously considered dilapidated buildings to buildings that are improving the aesthetics of the area in which they are located.”

Minister Roderick Galdes explained that, in parallel with this investment, the government is also investing in the routine maintenance of social housing blocks around Malta and Gozo.

“This is not the only investment we are making in existing social housing buildings. In fact, during 2020 we have invested €3 million in the maintenance of these apartments, an investment that has improved the standard of living of 1,400 families who today reside in a safer environment.”

The Housing Authority also offers a scheme for the improvement and adaptation of government owned residences and private dwellings, as well as a scheme for the adaptation works of dangerous structures. Minister Roderick Galdes explained that, during 2020, a total of 150 families benefited from these schemes. 

“With an investment of more than €600,000, more than 150 families have been given the necessary funds to carry out the necessary repair and improvement works in their homes. An investment that translates into reassurance for these beneficiaries, since the lack of these funds would have rendered it virtually impossible for them to carry out the necessary works. At the same time, through the scheme for persons with disabilities, with another investment of €750,000 we have made it possible to convert the homes of 140 families into accessible ones. In other words, through this scheme we have avoided the uprooting of these families from the places they have always called home.”

Minister Roderick Galdes concluded by saying that through these projects, the government has improved the quality of life of more than 2,000 families in 2020.