PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL PERMANENT SECRETARY Work has begun on converting the Public Service car fleet to electricity

A call for an in-depth study of all general Public Service vehicles has been published today as part of a project to convert them to be run by electricity.  The Public Service will use this study to determine the way forward.   This is another budget measure being implemented. 

Studies have shown the busiest time for journeys is between 7.30am and 8.30am from Monday to Friday, concentrated in central areas of the Maltese islands. These journeys account for almost 11% of traffic on a day-to-day basis. On a national basis, only 1 % of vehicles on the roads were electric powered by the middle of last year. 60 % operated on petrol and 39 % on diesel. Aware of these statistics, the Public Service understands its need to help bring about change. This study, starting today, will pave the way for converting the general vehicle fleet in the Public Service to electricity. 

This study involves a detailed analysis of all vehicles in the Public Service fleet and how they are used in various fields during the day. It will establish what kind of infrastructure is needed, where electric vehicles (EVs) should operate and the information technology infrastructure needed to make new systems sustainable. It will not only study vehicles but also transport operation efficiency throughout the Public Service. Ultimately, it should determine the best financial model to ensure accountability of the whole system. 

The Head of Public Service, Mario Cutajar, said that this was yet another measure that would change the way the Public Service works, to make it more efficient, effective, relevant and accountable. He said “this is not the first measure being taken in the Public Service that addresses not only an administrative need for better work but also has a wider aim of ensuring that the administrative solutions found take into account the needs of the country.” 

Among these measures one can mention the concept of remote work in the Public Service which, while meeting administrative needs, allows new life/work balances for public employees, while having a broader aim of addressing other issues. 
The invitation to tender for this study, to be completed within 5 months, will be issued today 24th February 2021 and tenders will be accepted until Wednesday 24th March 2021.