PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR THE ECONOMY AND INDUSTRY AND THE MINISTRY FOR TOURISM AND CONSUMER PROTECTION Strengthening Businesses: €1 million in a yellow voucher scheme of €10 per night for English language student tourists to spend in our count

• 4,700 businesses and 40 English schools will benefit from this scheme for a maximum of € 300 per English student tourist in our country, as part of the economic regeneration


Businesses in our country will be further bolstered through a €1 million investment in a €10 voucher scheme for tourists studying the English language in our country. This was announced by Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri and Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Clayton Bartolo in a press conference where they detailed how this scheme will be implemented from 7 June.


The Ministers explained that, through this scheme, with a value of one million euro, a 10-euro voucher per night will be issued for these students to spend in our country, to be used in Maltese and Gozitan businesses. Each student in our country will be eligible from 14 days to 30 days of attending a local English language school and will be given a voucher per night, for a maximum of € 300 per student.


They stressed that as part of the economic and tourism regeneration plan, the Government has launched a voucher scheme that will be provided for these foreign students who come to our country to learn English during the summer months. This aims to provide additional assistance to around 40 English schools which offer their services to thousands of students, as well as to other sectors that have been directly affected by this sector.


Minister for Tourism and Consumer Protection Clayton Bartolo outlined how the Malta Tourism Authority will be working in coordination with MIMCOL and English schools to provide these yellow vouchers to foreign students upon their arrival in our country according to the number of nights they will spend in the Maltese Islands.


He said that these vouchers will continue to help the economic impact that tourism has in our country during the summer days and that it is certainly an important pawn for the economy of our country to continue to recover for the benefit of all.


“We provided assistance for 15 months. Our job now is to continue to sustain this and facilitate it. This is a clear demonstration of a Government for the people who for months helped and did not take anything from the general public," reiterated Minister Clayton Bartolo.


Minister Silvio Schembri said that the Ministry for the Economy, through Mimcol, has taken care that the national voucher system makes it possible for those businesses that already accept the red voucher, to also be able to scan these yellow vouchers which will be given to foreign students who will be studying in our country. These will be distributed as a printed voucher. He commented how these yellow vouchers in printed format will be valid from the beginning of June, until the end of this year, or until the full fund of one million euro is expended.


He argued how this measure will continue to help businesses operating in the tourism sector, specifically those which accept red vouchers, such as licensed accommodation, bars, diving schools, restaurants. This translates into about 4700 eligible businesses.


“Therefore, the investment we are making on a national level with the red vouchers will continue by the addition of another injection of one million euro, through the yellow vouchers which can only be redeemed at these eligible businesses, as well as at English language schools," said Minister Schembri.


He clarified that those businesses which already accept red vouchers do not need to do anything and will also be able to automatically scan these yellow vouchers. These vouchers must be kept together with the VAT receipt like all other printed vouchers.


Those consumers who want more information about this yellow voucher intended for foreign English students, can also call on the voucher helpline 8007 4904. Businesses have a dedicated helpline for them on 8007 4950. ​​​