Press Release by the Office of the Principal Permanent Secretary: Press Release by the Principal Permanent Secretary Mr Mario Cutajar

​I categorically deny without any reservations the allegations made yesterday in Parliament by the Hon Jason Azzopardi.

It is not for the Head of the Public Service to get embroiled in partisan controversy, but it needs to be pointed out that this incident is the third time Member of Parliament Azzopardi attempted to implicate me.

The first allegation brought up by the Hon Azzopardi was about an alleged preferential engagement of a person to a governmental board of a public entity based on familial relation. In fact, the person in question only shared the same surname, since he is in no way related, or acquainted, with me.

The second time was when he alleged, and fabricated a story of abuse of position pertaining to an engagement of a member of my family as a person of trust when the latter was engaged as Head of the Public Service, and despite a Court decision on the matter.

Published facts show that the Hon Azzopardi’s allegation was far off the mark, since the person in question had already been employed by government and was simply confirmed in employment by the previous Administration. Moreover, it needs pointing out that the person was employed in the same Ministry of which Azzopardi was head!

The first cases to be brought to my attention as Head of the Public Service in 2013 concerning public officials are two.

The first was about the alleged tampering of marks in public exams, with the allegation indicating that this was periodically carried out at the direction of the Office of the Prime Minister directly to the examiners, and the other case concerned abuse in the form of tax amnesty at the discretion that law provides to the administration of that particular department.

In the two cases, and in any other case, as Head of the Public Service, I was made aware of after the above-mentioned, and under no circumstance did I make any contact, or weighed in in any manner whatsoever, even in the remotest way possible, in the work carried out by Police, both if it were the Commissioner, or the investigative official. 

To reiterate, what the Hon Azzopardi alleged yesterday in Parliament in my regard is untrue.