PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL PERMANENT SECRETARY Challenges and opportunities for people with disabilities discussed during Public Service Week

Improved quality of life for people with disabilities through personalised, high-quality programmes promoting independent living, and full inclusion in society was the main topic of a meeting with Public Service stakeholders held this evening as part of Public Service Week, which is themed “Strengthening the Public Service".​​

This meeting provided a detailed look at the various programmes created to facilitate independent living, investment in technology and in trained employees, the range of services and schemes available to meet a wide variety of different needs, investment in the modernisation of day centres, the construction of more residential centres, and the sharp increase in funding for community services.

The meeting also discussed the participation and the voice of persons with disabilities in non-governmental organisations and in society, as well as the challenges these people face. Among these challenges are the lack of participation by persons with disabilities in discussions beyond topics other than disability, as well as the excessive protection of some parents, leading to a limitation in certain opportunities.

As part of Public Service Week, two other stakeholder meetings were also held this evening, dealing with public procurement and adult education respectively.

The meeting on public procurement discussed the work carried out in recent years to simplify processes, and the implementation of suggestions on public procurement made during last year's Public Service Week. 

The meeting on adult education focused on the many opportunities that the Public Service offers in the field of lifelong learning. A detailed overview was given of courses, subjects taught, and how they were delivered virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic.

All three stakeholders meetings, which were also accessible virtually, were very well-attended. The meetings were an opportunity for the Public Service to listen to what its clients have to say, as those who are truly at the centre of its whole operation.