PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL PERMANENT SECRETARY A step forward for the Public Service to have an electric vehicle fleet

​The Public Service has today entered into an agreement for a comprehensive study that will lead to its fleet of electric vehicles. This shift will mean a transition from vehicles using polluting fuels to ones powered by clean renewable energy. 

During a press conference held at the Government Garage, Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar said that this is a strategic change that is not going to stop with the replacement of vehicles. He mentioned that, at present, the Public Service has 866 vehicles, 7% of which are electrically powered. He said this study will explore how to increase efficiency through a new sustainable system. 

“The study will look at the existing fleet and current use, propose solutions and introduce new concepts, such as carpooling between departments and ministries. The replacement of vehicles will only serve as a framework, there must be other elements, including specialised training and the infrastructure needed to make this change a success, therefore the study will serve as an important basis,” said the Principal Permanent Secretary. 

Mr Cutajar added that with this change the Public Service continues to contribute towards its environmental role to society. He mentioned other Public Service initiatives, such as remote working and the introduction of one-stop-shops that reduced the carbon footprint, as well as new concepts such as less paper office. 

The conference was also addressed by Permanent Secretary Anthony Gatt, who highlighted how this study will be concluded within six months. 

The signing of today’s agreement is a step that consolidates the Public Service’s environmental credentials, where the solutions it adopts also address the wider needs of society.