PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR THE ECONOMY AND INDUSTRY AND THE MINISTRY FOR GOZO Use of €100 government vouchers extended to end of October: more than €33 million in vouchers used so far

The use of €100 government vouchers is extended to the end of October, announced Minister for the Economy and Industry Silvio Schembri while visiting Marsalforn restaurants, with Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri. Minister Schembri provided details on the use of vouchers so far, which can be redeemed at hotels, restaurants, shops, and in services.


“So far, more than €33 million have been used in vouchers, which means 74% of the total number of vouchers. Of this amount, €30.6 million were used in Malta while € 2.4 million were used in Gozo. To date, €10 million out of €12 million in digital vouchers have been used, 83.3% of the amount of downloaded digital vouchers, while €23 million have been used out of €32 million of printed vouchers, meaning 71.9% of the number of printed vouchers", explained Minister Schembri.


3.58 million vouchers were issued to 447,669 people for the value of €44.77 million. Of these, 117,485 people downloaded their vouchers digitally while 330,184 people preferred printed vouchers. The distribution of postal vouchers in Malta and Gozo ended on 5 July 2021. 300,757 vouchers were mailed or collected as well as 29,425 vouchers that have yet to be collected.


The vouchers were mostly used in July, with €774,000 used on July 10. During the weekends, the average use of vouchers amounts to €1.37 million per week while during the week, i.e., Monday to Thursday, the average use of vouchers is €1.22 million. This means a direct economic injection of €2.6 million per week.


“The voucher scheme is generating strong economic activity which is serving as an important cornerstone for economic regeneration, particularly on the domestic front. The vouchers themselves are an important tool for the direct participation of the public to regenerate the economy and continue with our plan to protect businesses and safeguard jobs. Therefore, to ensure consumption and continue to fulfil the purpose of the scheme, we will be extending the use of vouchers until the end of October. Our goal continues to be achieved and the results of the tough decisions we had to make at the most challenging moments are happening", said Minister Schembri.


Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri said that looking at the restaurants they visited, it was clear that the vouchers given by the government for another year helped local businesses, from hotels to restaurants and other shops, helping them to continue with their operations during the pandemic. He added that, “This summer, in Gozo alone €2.4 million were spent on vouchers. From Friday 3 September to Wednesday 8 September (Victory Day) more than 98,000 people crossed the channel via Gozo Channel. I can also announce that during July and August almost a million people crossed the channel through the Gozo Channel".


The minister recalled that the decrease in the unemployment rate in Gozo to the lowest levels in history was the result of hard work and a clear plan. This shows the wisdom and commitment of the government, so that in the year of the pandemic, in June, only 136 people were registering for work. Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri concluded that this government has always been committed to helping Maltese and Gozitan businesses and families and has continued to do so on an ongoing basis. During this challenging time, the government was at the forefront ensuring that no jobs were lost.


During this conference, the two ministers were accompanied by the Gozo Tourism Association and the Gozitan Chamber of Commerce as well as Mimcol Chief Executive Stanley Mifsud.