PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL PERMANENT SECRETARY 70% of Maltese satisfied with the Public Service Highest rate in the Mediterranean

The Maltese Public Service again obtained very high scores in the Eurobarometer issued by the European Commission this month. In this survey, 70% of Maltese said they were happy with the way government services were given. This is 18% higher than the European Union average. 
These results further affirm the extent to which the renewal reforms, implemented in the Public Service in recent years, are bearing fruit.
Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar said that this result should be very satisfactory for officials and public officers who understood the need for change. Mr Cutajar said that this puts the Maltese Public Service in the best position in the region, and even in a higher position than big countries such as France and Germany. He said that this was not the end of the journey.
“We should aim to achieve higher levels and better results to deal with other top countries. Therefore, the new Public Service strategy, which started being implemented this year, and which is to improve this outcome, is needed,” said Mr Cutajar. 
The first implementation phase of the Public Service Strategy 2022-2027 will be under review during Public Service Week, which will take place this year from the 2nd to the 7th of May.