Three public officers have been appointed as new Permanent Secretaries in the Public Service following the appointment of a new Cabinet. Mr Joseph Chetcuti, Mr Emanuel Psaila and Mr Carlos Tabone have been appointed by President of Malta George Vella as Permanent Secretaries in three different Ministries. There were also new assignments for some of the Permanent Secretaries.

Mr Joseph Chetcuti was Director General in the Customs Department and has now been appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Health; Mr Emanuel Psaila was Director General of the Department of Civil Protection and will be Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for the Interior, Security, Reform and Equality while Mr Carlos Tabone has been appointed Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Public Works and Planning after serving as Director Management Support in the Office of the Prime Minister.

These appointments were made after these public officers were nominated by the Principal Permanent Secretary, Mr Mario Cutajar, to the Public Service Commission which, after assessing the career of each nominated officer, recommended their appointment to the President of Malta.

From the appointment of the new Cabinet until now it has been a period during which Permanent Secretaries and other public officers introduced Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries to the portfolio they had been assigned by the Prime Minister, Dr Robert Abela. They were informed of everything that will help them to lead their Ministries and even decisions that need to be taken.

After the redistribution of the Permanent Secretaries in the new departments, this week and next week will serve as a period of transition at the administrative level.

The Public Service would like to thank Mr Joseph Rapa, who since 2013 has served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Health, for the great service he has rendered in this appointment over the past nine years. He himself wished not to be reconsidered for Permanent Secretary.

The Permanent Secretaries in the Public Service have now been assigned as follows:​


Mr Mario Cutajar                    Office of the Prime Minister

                                                   Head of Public Service


Mr Kevin Mahoney                Office of the Prime Minister (Coordination & Implementation)


Dr Joyce Cassar                      Office of the Prime Minister (People and Standards)


Mr Joseph Chetcuti                Ministry for Health


Ms Joyce Dimech                   Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government


Mr Christopher Cutajar          Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade


Mr Mark Musù                       Ministry for Social Policy and Children's Rights

                                                Ministry for Social and Affordable Accommodation


Mr Sharlo Camilleri               Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights


Mr Ronald Mizzi                    Ministry for the Economy, European Funds and Lands


Mr Paul Zahra                        Ministry for the Economy, European Funds and Lands (European Funds)


Ms Nancy Caruana               ​Ministry for Inclusion, Voluntary Organisations and Consumer Rights


Mr Johan Galea                      Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects

                                                  Ministry for Justice


Mr John Borg                          Ministry for Gozo


Mr Emanuel Psaila                 Ministry for Home Affairs, Security, Reforms and Equality


Mr Anthony Gatt                      Ministry for Tourism


Mr Joseph F. Caruana             Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise


Mr Alfred Camilleri                Ministry for Finance and Employment


Mr Matthew Vella                  Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation


Mr Carlos Tabone                   Ministry for Public Works and Planning


Ms Christine Schembri           Ministry for Active Ageing



Photo 1: Mr Joseph Chetcuti

Photo 2: Mr Emanuel Psaila

Photo 3: Mr Carlos Tabone​