PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL PERMANENT SECRETARY 1,250 measures implemented to reduce bureaucracy

Public Service Week 2022 ‘Investing in Quality’ kickstarts today

Since 2013, the Public Service has implemented a total of 1,250 measures aimed at reducing bureaucracy. Over the past year alone, 186 simplification measures have been carried out, which means an implementation rate of 83%. 

This was announced by Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar at a press conference launching Public Service Week 2022 as well as the third edition of the publication Ħidma tas-Servizz Pubbliku, which gives an account of the simplification measures that have been implemented, the main tasks carried out by different ministries, as well as other work accomplished by the Public Service over the last twelve months. 

Mr Cutajar said that, in recent years, the Public Service has not only spoken about the importance of accountability but has put it into practice, both with internal systems and processes as well as publicly.

In fact, each year the Public Service gives an account of the implementation of Budget measures (with an implementation rate of 79%); of the recommendations of the National Audit Office (90% execution rate); and of the Ombudsman’s recommendations (with 98% of closed cases confirming that the Public Service acted appropriately). 

The work listed in the publication launched today includes a programme to modernise health centres and the strengthening of the health service through the introduction of a follow-up clinic; more online services, including appointments for medical tests, renewal of licences, and court services; new digital processes for the collection and the efficient use of data; better coordination of services; cataloguing of material at the National Library; and green walls in industrial estates. 

On Public Service Week 2022, themed ‘Investing in Quality’ and running until Saturday 7th May, Mr Cutajar said that investment in quality means investing in people, in the service we offer and in the technology we operate. These are the three key elements in the Public Service, put together to devise the strategy ‘Towards a Service of Excellence’, the implementation of which will kickstart during Public Service Week 2022. 

Mr Cutajar said that this week will be giving a taste of what is expected from the implementation of this strategy, namely the implementation of 45 measures over a period of five years. Through this strategy, the Public Service will move from the renewal phase to the strengthening phase, with unprecedented projects that will radically change the way the Public Service works. 

The programme for Public Service Week 2022 includes stakeholders meetings, conferences on the implementation of the new strategy, the signing of an agreement on the training of public officers in the field of artificial intelligence, a dialogue with university students, awards to public officers who have excelled in the performance of their duties, awards to children who took part in a competition about careers in the Public Service, and a concert by public officers.