PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL PERMANENT SECRETARY A Public Service with more digital solutions – Principal Permanent Secretary Tony Sultana makes his first speech

Having the Public Service equipped with all necessary digital tools will be the public administration's priority for the next few years. Everyone will reap the benefits of this digitalisation process – both citizens receiving public services and the public officers providing such services.


At an event marking the United Nations Public Service Day, held under the patronage of the President of Malta  Principal Permanent Secretary Tony Sultana stressed that the digitalisation of the Public Service is not a luxury but a necessity.


“Technology changes, transforming people's quality of life in the process. I believe that technology is the tool we need to provide an appropriate service to the clients who require it. This does not reduce in any way the public officer's importance – on the contrary, it will be there for everyone, for each grade and sector", explained Mr Sultana.


He added that while in recent years the Public Service has been renewed and strengthened, the element of change must be sustained in order to meet people's expectations.


Mr Sultana said that notwithstanding the fact that Malta ranks first with regard to egovernment in Europe, the Public Service's vision in this respect must remain ambitious, going much further than making government services available online.


“We shall strive to make people's experiences when asking for public services as seamless as possible, providing quick solutions that do not necessitate repeated requests for information, and keeping clients abreast throughout the whole process, among other endeavours", said Mr Sultana.


In his first speech as Principal Permanent Secretary, Mr Sultana also thanked all public officers for their dedication and commitment, adding that during the first 23 days in his new role, he has met more than 500 employees. He stressed the need for all public officers to work together towards a common goal so that, in a collective effort with the respective permanent secretaries, each officer reaches full potential and contributes towards the success of the Public Service.​