PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AND EUROPEAN AFFAIRS AND TRADE “Malta will increase scholarships in the field of digital diplomacy and governance” - Minister Ian Borg


“Malta will be intensifying its work to provide more scholarships for training in the fields of digital diplomacy and governance. We will also continue to support leadership training in digital diplomacy as we did this year in Namibia and Rwanda", outlined Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, Ian Borg, while addressing the summit on digital diplomacy and governance being held in our country.​

In his speech, Minister Ian Borg described the work of the DiploFoundation during the last 20 years as remarkable and noted that through its efforts, it has helped many countries around the world develop digital diplomacy and their representation in digital negotiations. He recalled how the DiploFoundation, in recent years, has managed to gather more than 7,000 alumni from more than 200 countries and territories, statistics that show the strong success in learning that has taken place during the last years.

He claimed that the foundation's visionary project from two decades ago has now become the norm. “It is this sustainable innovation that makes the DiploFoundation unique when it comes to diplomacy, but above all, also unique in terms of the vast impact that technology has on today's society".

The minister said that it is extremely important that in the digital world we live in today, even when it comes to traditional subjects such as health and humanitarian aid, we discuss the digital impact. Also, among others, the importance of the impact of data and artificial intelligence on new regulations of the European Union and the World Health Organisation.

Minister Ian Borg thanked the Swiss Government for its commitment to the development of this foundation. He stressed that the cooperation between the two countries will continue to amplify in the United Nations Security Council between 2023 and 2024.