The Public Service launched its new identity, with the vision that with more investment in technological infrastructure and digital skills it can continue to modernise itself and the country.​

The launch was made by the Head of Public Service Tony Sultana, during the opening of the first edition of The Public Service Expo. This event is gathering all the Public Administration under one roof, with the Expo serving as a showcase for the best digital tools that the Public Service makes use of in every sector and area of life.

The Principal Permanent Secretary said the modernisation the Public Service is going through does not stop with technology, as it is also a matter of mentality, with the introduction of new practices, more relevant procedures, and innovative tools among others.

While addressing the heads of the Public Administration, Mr Sultana explained his vision of one public administration for one people, which does not distinguish between departments, agencies and entities, but is based on ambition to achieve greater results.

“Only this way will we be able to look forward and continue to modernise this country," concluded the Principal Permanent Secretary.


The first EXPO of its kind

The Public Service Expo, which is being held at the MFCC Ta' Qali, exhibits various intelligent systems that are used on a daily basis in the Public Service. These include systems that facilitate local permits, benefits and social security, personal healthcare, application processing and parking systems among others.

One may also see digital systems of unique interest, including bomb disposal robot, digital kitchen, holograms of statues, passport system identifier, 3D Costume Scanning, various robots, eSports simulators and digital scanning of notarial archives.

Digital systems that assist the country on a national scale will also be exhibited, including the Emergency Management Control Centre, Air Traffic Demos, the dashboard of the Malta Stock Exchange, a medicine testing laboratory, and the digital system which operates the Tritoni fountain among others. There will also be digital tools used in diplomacy, in agriculture and natural resources, various virtual realities and virtual tours of attractions of interest.

The EXPO will remain open until Friday, 12 May 2023, with the last places available only through registration on the public service site -