PRESS RELEASE BY SERVIZZ.GOV Over a million requests for government services

In the first six months of this year there were around one million and eighty thousand requests for governmental services, with an average of almost 3,000 daily requests.

Official statistics from show that from January to June 2023, 130,000 people visited the 24 hubs found in various localities.

Online e-government services continued to increase in popularity, with approximately 451,460 users accessing services or other related information from the website. The government services agency also received 45,432 emails. The services that were mostly requested by email were those related to tax and employment, while the most popular online service was the registration of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).  

In the same period, the freephone of 153 received a total of 451,183 calls. The three most requested services were phone calls about tax returns, VAT Returns, and the retirement pension. CEO Massimo Vella said these figures attest that it will be another positive year for this agency. Mr Vella added that the agency is continuing investing in reaching people using various platforms, from the more immediate online services to face-to-face assistance.