PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AND EUROPEAN AFFAIRS AND TRADE Minister Ian Borg a special guest during official State appointments in San Marino


During Monday the 1st of April, Minister for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade Ian Borg was the special guest of the State of San Marino during the appointment of Regent Captains in the leadership of the same Republic.


During his speech, Minister Borg expressed his honour in attending this ceremony of the investiture of Their Excellencies the Regent Captains of the Republic of San Marino.


In his address, Minister Borg emphasised that Malta and San Marino have strong bilateral relations, and both states aim to continue advancing the values that shape the identities of both countries, including the vision of a more peaceful Mediterranean, Europe, and world. “Malta and San Marino are two small states in Europe that share neutrality as an essential part of our foreign policy. Therefore, we have a constructive role to play in promoting peace, stability, and dialogue," stated Minister Borg.


He also highlighted the importance of ongoing bilateral work, particularly through the signing of a bilateral framework aimed at strengthening political consultations between the two countries, signalling a strong and reinforced relationship in the near future.


Minister Borg also took the opportunity to report on the significant work our country is doing in multilateral spheres, primarily within the United Nations Security Council and the OSCE. He reminded that Malta will also hold the Presidency of the Council of Europe in 2025.


While in San Marino, Minister Borg also met with Foreign Affairs Minister Luca Beccari, where they engaged in political discussions regarding the future of the relationship between the two countries. The two Ministers signed Additional Protocols regarding tax agreements.


As a token of recognition, Minister Borg was awarded the decoration of Cavaliere di Gran Croce dell'Ordine Equestre di Sant'Agata.