PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR SOCIAL AND AFFORDABLE ACCOMODATION Inwettqu Flimkien: Private sector demonstrates strong confidence in government housing initiative

In two months, the private sector handed over more than 100 apartments to be used for social and affordable housing as part of the Nikru Biex Nassistu" scheme


During the past two months, a significant number of property owners have enrolled in the innovative government subleasing initiative, “Nikru biex Nassistu", to lease more than 100 apartments.


This was announced by Minister for Social and Affordable Accommodation Roderick Galdes during a press conference where he described the economic and social benefits that the success of this scheme is bringing about. 


Through this scheme, property owners rent their vacant property to the Housing Authority so that they can then be used for social and affordable housing. “By utilising existing private and vacant properties for social and affordable housing, we are not only expanding housing availability and accessibility but also invigorating the local economy," stated the minister.


He also announced that since the introduction of the “Nikru Biex Nassistu", over 350 private owners have rented out more than 1,000 apartments, which are now being used as social and affordable housing.


“As of today, over 100 apartments will be joining these 1,000 apartments. This highlights the trust that the private sector has in the Government's policy for the housing sector," he continued.


He also elaborated on the success of the initiative, attributing it to the government's forward-looking vision. “Our vision is founded on motivation and social justice whilst ensuring the wellbeing of families," concluded Minister Roderick Galdes.​​