Government Notices published in Govt. Gazette No. 19,922 of 15 December 2017

No. 1398


IT is notified for general information that, acting on the advice of the Prime Minister, the President of Malta has directed that the Hon. Chris Fearne, MD, FRCS(Ed), MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health, assumes the additional duties of the Prime Minister, on Thursday,  14th December, 2017, during the absence from Malta of the Hon. Joseph Muscat, KUOM, BCom, BA (Hons), MA (European Studies), PhD (Bristol), MP.

14th December, 2017

No. 1399


THE Minister for Home Affairs and National Security is pleased to approve the promotion of the under mentioned to the rank of Lieutenant with effect from the date shown against their names.

2 Lieutenant Mallia Mario 8th December, 2017

2 Lieutenant Galea Andrea 8th December, 2017

2 Lieutenant Farrugia Gilbert 8th December, 2017

2 Lieutenant Mangion Jeremy 8th December, 2017

2 Lieutenant Frendo Andrè 8th December, 2017

2 Lieutenant Borg Mark Philip 8th December, 2017

15th December, 2017

No. 1400

(CAP. 415)

Copyright Board

IN virtue of the powers conferred by Article 45 of the Copyright Act, the Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses has re-appointed the Copyright Board as follows:

Dr Luke Dalli, LLD
Mr Frederick Cutajar      
Ms Stephanie Pace Hili

Surrogate Chairman
Dr Ivan Sammut, LLD
Surrogate Member
Dr Maxilene Bonett, LLD
These appointments expire on 31st August, 2019.

15th December, 2017

No. 1401

Notice in terms of Article 61 (1)

IN Terms of the proviso to article 61 (1) of the Duty on Documents and Transfers Act, the Commissioner for Revenue hereby notifies the persons listed hereunder to call at the Capital Transfer Duty Department, 46, Triq il-Merkanti, Valletta, to collect the notices made on such persons.

Name ID Number  Claim Number
Debono Stanley M. 156475M IV 136293
Portelli Pauline 42180M IV 135798
Cole Felicity Ann 142283A IV 134512
Ellul Michael 581177M IV 135239
Carabott Brian 368784M IV 134137
Agius Stephen 201911L  IV 136291
Grandmasters Properties Ltd Roc No:             C 48145 IV 134527
Samirjess Ltd Roc No:                                     C 30716 IV 134790
Samirjess Ltd Roc No:                                     C 30716 IV 135902
JPM Brothers Limited Roc No:                     C 31612 IV 135637
JPM Brothers Limited Roc No:                     C 31612 IV 134784
Pandora Properties Limited Roc No:             C 76685 IV 135979
Pisani Ronald 245466M CM 050542
Staples Maria Stella obo Thompson Rosa 165050M CM 028578

15th December, 2017



With reference to Government Notice No. 383, dated 13th May, 1998, under the title ‘Renumbering of Doors at Ħ’Attard’, the following amendments in bold should be made. 

No. 1408

Notification of Exemption from Environmental Planning Statement

In conformity with Regulation 3(8) of the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations, 2007 (S.L. 549.46) with respect to the application mentioned hereunder, the Environment and Resources Authority has determined that the proposal is unlikely to result in environmental impacts that can be effectively addressed in an Environmental Impact Assessment.  Therefore, the Director of Environment and Resourses agrees that the proposal does not require the preparation of an Environmental Planning Statement (EPS).  This is without prejudice to the environmental obligations being specified in the proposed project conditions. 

The Project Description Statement (PDS) presented as part of the application has considered the environmental issues in a sufficient manner such that the preparation of an EPS would not add any new information and the Environment and Resources Authority has all the necessary information to determine the application, as concluded in the project screening according to Schedule IB of the same Regulations. 

A detailed justification is presented below: 

Reference Number: PA 06252/17 (EA 00023/17)
Location: Fortina SPA Resort, Ix-Xatt Ta’ Tigne &, Triq Ċensu Xerri, Tas-Sliema, Malta.
Proposal: Demolition of existing 4 star hotel and the Spa Wing of the 5 star hotel, and excavation of site. Construction of 3 levels of below ground car parking; construction of ground floor retail complex (mix of Class 4B and Class 4C) under a landscaped Public Open Space; and construction of residential complex rising to a maximum of 15 floors above street level. Development also to include complete refurbishment (including internal alterations) of the existing 5 star hotel, the construction of five additional floors on the hotel tower and construction of stepped hotel block rising to 13 floors above the plaza, in place of the Spa Wing.

The following potential environmental impacts were identified and mitigation measures proposed in the Project Description Statement (PDS). The PDS and the justification for exemption from carrying out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) were submitted to the Environment and Resources Authority on the 4th October, 2017 and 7th December, 2017, respectively.

Potential Impact

Remarks on mitigation measures, etc.

Land use

The proposal lies within the confines of an existing development and is seeking to maximise, through an increase in gross floor and building height, the use of an area that is already committed to urban development.

Dust generation

Dust impacts during construction are short-term and temporary and can be mitigated through the implementation of the Environmental Management Construction Site Regulations (S.L. 552.09). No significant impacts are expected during the operational phase.

Noise and vibrations

Noise emissions and vibrations during the demolition, excavation and construction phases are short term and can be mitigated through the implementation of the Environmental Management Construction Site Regulations (S.L. 552.09). During operation, increased noise levels from traffic are not considered to be significant, given the location and nature of the development.


Waste, generated on site during the demolition, excavation and construction phases, is not expected to have significant impacts, given that these can be mitigated through the Waste Management Regulations (S.L. 549.63). During the operational phase, the increase in waste is not expected to be significant.

Visual Amenity

The potential impacts likely to be generated through the proposed increase in gross floor and building height are considered not significant, given that the design and massing of the proposed development is not conflicting with the surrounding area.

Air Quality

The significance of traffic-induced cumulative air quality impacts is not clear. An air quality study is being requested to identify the cumulative impacts likely to be generated through the envisaged increase in traffic flows.

Notwithstanding the above, the Environment and Resources Authority reserves the right to request the applicant to submit additional information as may be necessary to inform the decision making process.  

15th December, 2017

No. 1409

(CAP. 46)

THE Commissioner of Inland Revenue notifies that, on the date shown hereunder, the price of gold and silver on which valuations made by the Consuls for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths are based has been fixed for the purposes of article 14 of the said Act as follows:

Dat              Pure Gold                 Pure Silver
                Grams                  Grams
15.12.2017 €34.286                  €0.461

15th December, 2017