Government Notices published in Govt. Gazette No. 19,956 of 2nd March 2018

No. 235


It is notified for general information that the President of Malta has resumed the functions of the Office of the President on Tuesday, 27th February, 2018.

Mrs Dolores Cristina has ceased to perform the functions of President.

2nd March, 2018

No. 236


IT is notified for general information that the following Bill is published in the Supplement to this Gazzette:

Bill No. 28 entitled the General Elections (Amendment) Act, 2018.

2nd March, 2018

No. 237

Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government

Local Governance Board

The Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government hereby notifies that Mr Luke Genuis and Perit Roderick Spiteri’s appointment as Members on the Local Governance Board has been revoked, and are being replaced by Dr Nadette Spiteri and Dr Ivan Sammut. It also notifies that the appointment of Ms Silvana Agius as Substitute Member has been revoked and is being replaced by Ms Theresa Caruana.  These appointments are valid for three years as from 8th February, 2018.

It is notified that the Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government has approved the appointment of Mr Mario Caruana as Substitute Member on the Local Governance Board.

This appointment is valid for three years as from 8th February, 2018.

2nd March, 2018

No. 238

Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act

(cap. 413)

Council for the Rights of Persons with Disability

IT is hereby notified that, in terms of article 24 (1) of the Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act, (Cap. 413) the Minister for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity has approved the appointment of Mr Joseph Cini as member of the Council for the Rights of Persons with Disability instead of Ms Elaine Galea. This appointment shall remain valid till the 18th December, 2019.

2nd March, 2018

No. 239


(CAP. 12)

Court Appointed Experts – Architects and Civil Engineers 2018

IT is notified for general information that the persons mentioned hereunder have been appointed on the Panel of Architects and Civil Engineers for the period from the 1st January, 2018 to the 31st December, 2018, or such a shorter term as may be decided by such Board to be appointed for such purpose.

Perit Abela Kevin R, BE&A (Hons), PG Dip. Cons Tech (Melit), A&CE

Perit Abela Godwin, BA (Arch), B.ARCH  (Hons), A&CE

Perit Agius Dylan, BE&A (Hons), M.Sc. (Surrey), A&CE

Perit Agius Arielle, BE&A (Hons), MID (Politecnicodi Milano), A&CE

Perit Avallone Alistair, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Bencini Kevin, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Bondin Joseph, Architect and Civil Engineer

Dr Perit Bonello Marc, BE&A (Hons) (Melit), M.SC.(Lond.), Ph.D.(Lond.) D.I.C., Eur. Ing. , A&CE

Perit Borg Costanzi Elena, BE&A (Hons)

Perit Borg Grech Joseph, BE&A (Hons), Rhod. I.D. Dipl.(Dist.), A&CE

Perit Camilleri Mark, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Caruana Galea Marielouise, BE&A (Hons), A&CE, MSc Conservation (tech.)

Perit Caruana Montaldo Edgar, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Cassar Stephanie, BE&A (Hons), A&CE, MSc (Real Estate Appraisal, University of Reading)

Perit Cassar Mario, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Cassar Vincent, B.Arch, FIHEEM, FICE, C.Eng., A&CE

Perit Cauchi Albert, BscEng., Eur. Ing., CEng., MIStructE Lond., BAArch., A&CE., MASCE., MIM., Certified Valuer

Perit CiliaTiziana, BE&A (Hons)

Perit Cilia David, BE&A (Hons), MSc. in Sustainable Infrastructure

Perit Cutajar Charmaine, BE&A (Hons)

Perit Debattista Emmanuel, BE&A (Hons)

Perit DeGiorgio Angelina, MS.c(Structural Engineering, Surrey), BE&A (Hons), A&CE, Accredited Valuer

Perit Demicoli John, BE&A (Hons), MSc Roads Engineering

Perit Ellul Ann Marie, BE&A (Hons), ALCM

Perit Ellul Andrew, BE&A (Hons)

Perit Ellul Marvin, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Ellul Frank, BE&A (Hons)

Perit Ellul Mercer, David BE&A (Hons)

Perit Farrugia Charlie, BE&A (Hons), MSc (Sustainable Energy)

Perit Fenech Robert, BE&A (Hons)

Perit Formosa Mario, Bachelor of Architecture & Civil Engineering (University of Malta)

Perit Fsadni Mireille, BE&A, A&CE (Perit), PG Dip. Conservation Tech., EPC Assessor

Perit Gatt Edgar, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Giordano Ivan, BE&A (Hons), M.Sc. Cons. Tech  (Hons)

Perit Grech Jonathan, BE&A

Perit Grech Philip, BE&A (Hons), M.Sc. (Birmingham)

Perit Grima David, BE&A (Hons), PG Dip., MSc, MICE, DOC, C Eng

Perit Lanfranco Michael, BE&A (Hons), A&CE, M.Sc Cons. Tech. (Conservation)

Perit Magri Miriam, Bachelor in Architecture and Civil Engineering (Honours)

Perit Mallia Claude, Bachelor of Engineering and Architecture (Hons), Architect and Civil Engineer

Perit Mallia Maria Roberta, BE&A (Hons), A&CE, MSc (Cons. Tech.), MSc (Env. Design)

Perit Micallef Lino, BE&A (Hons) (Melit), A&CE, MSc (Surrey) in Structural Engineering

Perit Micallef Edward, BARCH, A&CE

Perit Micallef Rosanne, BE&A (Hons), A&CE, Valuation Course, Assessor (EPC) Residential and non-residential.

Perit Micallef Stephen, MSc Architectural & Urban Design

Perit Mifsud Danica, BE&A (Hons), MSc. Struc. Eng. (Surrey)

Perit Mifsud Philip, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Mifsud James, BE&A (Hons), A&CE, MBA (exec), MSc. (Surrey).

Perit Mintoff Edwin, BE&A (Hons), A&CE, Ph.D Newcastle

Dr Perit Musumeci Robert, BE&A (Hons), MSc (Conv. Tech.), LLB Dip. (Not. Pub.), LLD

Perit Pace Rupert, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Pace David, B.Arch, A&CE, M.CIArb. 

Perit Pace Alexei, BE&A (Hons), M.Sc. (Melit), EUR ING.

Perit Pizzuto Andre, BE&A (Hons), MA Spatial Planning, MBA in Real Estate & Construction Management.

Perit Polidano Duncan, BE&A (Hons), MSc. (Struc. Eng.) Surrey, EUR ING.

Perit Poulton Pierre, BE&A (Hons)

Perit Robinson Anthony, Architect & Civil Engineer

Perit Schembri Valeriano, BE&A (Hons), M.A. (Baroque Stud.) MCIArb

Perit Spiteri Melanie, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Spiteri Roderick, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Spiteri Joseph, BE&A (Hons), A&CE, MSc (Edin.) PhD (Leeds), MCIOB, ACIArb

Perit Sutton Carmen,BE&A, A&CE, AA (Dipl.)

Perit Tabone Cornelia, Architect & Civil Engineer  

Perit Tabone Cleaven, BE&A (Hons)

Perit Vella Robert C., BE&A (Hons), A&CE, EN (USA)

Perit Vella Lenicker Damian, BE&A (Hons)

Perit Wismayer Amber, BE&A (Hons) (Melit.), M.Sc(London) - University of East London

Perit Xuereb Krista, Bachelor in Engineering and Architecture BE&A (Hons)

Perit Xuereb Konrad, BE&A (Hons), A&CE, MSc., MIStructE, CEng, MICE, Euring, ARB, PhD.

Perit Zahra David, BE&A (Hons), MSc. (Cons. Tech.) (MELIT)

Perit Zammit Leonard, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Zarb Jean Luke, BE&A (Hons), A&CE

Perit Felice David, Partnership of Periti – Registration No P/2

Perit Drago, David                                                     

Perit Van Dijk Bernice, Partnership of Periti – Registration NO P/23

Perit Caruana Mark, Bachelor of Engineering and Architecture (Hons), Masters in Sustainable Energy, Masters of Science in Road Engineering

Perit Saliba Joseph

2nd March, 2018

Lands Reg Malta Gaz 2.3.pdfLands Reg Malta Gaz 2.3.pdf

Street Naming Gaz 2.3.pdfStreet Naming Gaz 2.3.pdf

No. 242


(CAP. 46)

THE Commissioner of Inland Revenue notifies that, on the date shown hereunder, the price of gold and silver on which valuations made by the Consuls for Goldsmiths and Silversmiths are based has been fixed for the purposes of article 14 of the said Act as follows:


                                    Date                              Pure Gold                     Pure Silver

                                                                             Grams                           Grams


                                 2.3.2018                             €35.035                          €0.461

 2nd March, 2018

 No. 243


(Cap. 433)

Revocation of Government Notice No. 564 of 2011

IT is hereby notified that the guidelines for pruning and spraying of palm trees established by means of Government Notice No. 564 published in the Government Gazette dated 21st June, 2011, are being revoked. Revised guidelines are found in the website of the Plant Protection Directorate of the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (

2nd March, 2018