Building Regulation Board

Arch. Samuel Formosa, BE&A (Hons.), MSc. Arch. (Lond.), MSc. (Env. Pln. & Mgt.), A&CE

Deputy Chairperson
Mr Emanuel Zahra  M.B.A. (Melit); B. (Hons) Work & HR (Melit); Dip. Diplomacy (Melit); Dip. Adult Training & Development (Melit); Dip. Political Studies (Melit); Dip. Labour Studies (Melit); MIM; Inc. Eng. (UK); MMS (Dip) (UK).​
This appointment is effective from 17th April, 2018 up to 13th June, 2019

Arch. Michelle Piccinino, BE&A (Hons.)
Arch. Simone Vella Lenicker, BE&A (Hons.)
Arch. Carmelo J. Barbara, BE&A (Hons.), MSc. (Lond.), DIC
Mr Sandro Chetcuti

Nominated by Kamra tal-Periti
Arch. Philip B. Grech, BE&A (Hons.), MSc. (Birmingham), C Env.

Nominated by the Chamber of Professional Engineers
Eng. Johan A. Psaila , BEng. (Hons.), Pg. Dipl. (Brunel)

Dr Christian Meilak, LLB, LLD

These appointments remain valid for a period of three years with effect from 14th June, 2016.