Building-Industry-Consultative Council

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Building Industry Consultative Council

Executive Chairman
Perit Charles Buhagiar

The Energy and Water Agency repr
Ing CharlesButtigieg

The Energy and Water Agency substitute member
Perit Nadine Borg

Building Regulations Office rep
Mr Martin Farrugia

Building Regulations Office substitute member
Mr Joseph Saliba
Government Property Department rep Mr Peter Mamo

Government Property Department substitute member

Ing Ingrid Borg

Housing Authority rep
Perit Sandra Magro

OHSA rep
Perit Charlie Farrugia

OHSA substitute member
Mr Silvio Farrugia

Planning Authority rep
Perit Joseph Scalpello 
MTIP rep
Perit Chris Grech

Jobsplus rep
Mr Charles Dingli 
MCCEI reps
Perit David Xuereb
Mr Anthony Tabone

Malta Developers Association
Mr Sandro Chetcuti

Faculty for the Built Environment – UOM rep
Prof  Alex Torpiano

Faculty for the Built Environment – UOM Subst rep
Prof Spiridione Buhagiar

Institute of Engineering and transport – Building and Construction Eng MCAST rep
Mr John Vella

CBM rep
Mr Brian Micallef

CBM substitute member
Ms Rita Schembri

Malta Insurance Association rep
Mr Adrian Galea

Malta Insurance Association substitute member
Dr Anton Felice

Chamber of Architects rep
Perit Simone Vella Lenicker

Chamber of Architects substitute member
Perit Amber Wismayer

Chamber of Engineers rep
Ing Johan Psaila

Chamber of Engineers substitute member
Ing Norman Zammit

GWU rep
Mr Jesmond Marshall

GWU substitute member
Mr Patrick Grech

GRTU rep
Mr Philip Fenech

GRTU substitute member
Mr Christian Vassallo

UHM rep
Mr Kenneth Abela

UHM substitute member
Mr Edwin Balzan

Forum Union Maltin - FORUM rep
Mr Bernard Ferry

Forum Union Maltin - FORUM substitute member
Mr Chris Attard

Sustainable Built Environment Malta (iSBEM) observor member
Dr Ruben Borg

Malta Business Network UK observor member
Perit Charles Saliba

Ms Susan Sant