Reference Number: PR140343, Press Release Issue Date: Feb 26, 2014
Earlier today, the Minister for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, Dr Chris Cardona inaugurated ‘Oulala’, an online social football game based on European football (commonly known as Fantasy Football), developed by OulalaGames Limited.
In 2014, OulalaGames plans on launching its B2B product, OulalaNetwork, which will be offered to companies involved in the football industry.
Minister Cardona congratulated OulalaGames Limited on their success and augured some exciting days ahead for their business in Malta.
Dr Cardona said that the government strives to help start-ups by decreasing the burdens on enterprise such as heavy taxation and red tape. “This”, said Dr Cardona “makes Malta an attractive place to do business in.”
“Like your company, other foreign companies and investors have recognised the potential of our islands and the Maltese labour force. The facts and figures have proven this. In 2013 alone, Malta Enterprise approved 132 industrial investment projects, 36 of which are new Foreign Direct Investment Projects. These projects will globally be responsible for the creation of approximately 2,600 jobs and equate to an investment of €166 million over a span of three years.”
Minister Cardona welcomed the news that OulalaGames Limited aims to employ 43 employees over the span of three years.
Dr Cardona said that OulalaGames Limited is now part of the Maltese economic success story. “The positive results that Malta is achieving under a new administration”, said Dr Cardona “is also being recognised by the European Commission”. 
“We have a growing economy, with high levels of employment. In fact, Malta has registered the strongest employment growth and the fourth lowest unemployment rate among all EU Member States. Malta also retains strong growth projections. The employment growth forecast for 2013 ranks Malta as best performer in the EU for the years 2013 to 2015!”
Dr Cardona concluded by reminding those present of what makes Malta a good place to do business: “We offer an attractive package – fewer burdens, more help, no punishing tax regime, less regulation, flexibility, the European open market and the English language.”
The launch was presided by Valéry Bollier (Oulala's CEO/CMO) who thanked Malta Enterprise for the valuable assistance provided to their business, “without which”, Mr. Bollier said, “it would have been very difficult for OulalaGames Limited to achieve the success it did.”