Finding a job overseas

Finding a job overseas
​Searching and Applying for a Job Overseas

Because Malta is a member of the European Union, nationals of member states can freely work in other member states. Visit the EURES website or the EURES Malta website to search and apply for jobs in the EU. EURES is the European job mobility portal which makes it easier to find information on jobs and learning opportunities in other European countries.

Obtaining or Renewing Your Passport

To sign up for a passport or to renew your passport, visit the Passport Office in Valletta. If you live abroad and are eligible for a Maltese passport, you can obtain a ‘Passport Application Form A’ from the relevant Maltese Embassy, High Commission or Consular Office over the web.

Contact Maltese Representatives Abroad

If you’re looking for work abroad, speak to Maltese representatives abroad who could guide you in orienting yourself with the foreign country.