Establishing residency

If you are going to become a resident in Malta then you will need to apply for residency so that you will be given an eResidence card.
eResidence cards are the new form of documentation covering all types of residency status acquired by non-Maltese nationals living in Malta, including those registered under the schemes administered by the Inland Revenue Department. 
The eResidence cards show what the immigration position of a foreigner living in Malta is and also act as a legal form of identification to replace former ID Cards for non-Maltese nationals (these cards are valid up to 30 November 2013).
If you are applying for residency for the first time or need to replace your card, you can visit the website of the Identity Malta by clicking here. You can download the necessary forms from this site. There are guidelines to download from that website which give a wider explanation of the types of residency administered by the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs.