Driving in Malta - Other FAQ's

I have a disability. Can I drive?

Yes, though this does depend on the degree and nature of your impairment. Special adaptations can be made to your car and the Finance Ministry provides assistance to disabled people who wish to drive their own vehicle. There are also trained instructors and Motoring School vehicles set to meet most requirements in this field.  

An article with detailed guidance can be found

How do I renew my Driving Licence?

You can renew your Driving Licence by either mailing your Renewal form in the provided self-addressed envelope to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit in Floriana or

Detailed information about renewing your Licence online is available

How do I get an International Driving Licence?​

If you hold a driving license issued in Malta or in any EU member state, you may drive in all EU countries, provided that your license is valid and that you only drive the category of vehicles that you are entitled to.
However, if you wish to drive in a non-EU country, that is party to the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, it is advisable that you obtain an International Driving Permit. This permit is issued for one (1) year from date of issue, on the presentation of a valid license issued either in Malta or in an EU member state.
You may submit your request online he​re or produce a completed application to the Land Transport Directorate in Floriana, with the following:

   your identity card 
   two passport-sized photographs 
   a medical certificate
The International driving permit is issued against a fee of € 29.25.

How do I update my Driving Licence?

A client can update the details on his Driving licence anytime during the period of its’ validity.  This usually happens when clients move residence or change surnames upon marriage – this is line with the details featured in their Identity Card.

Licences are also updated when a client successfully passes an additional category, upon presenting the passed test certificate at the Land Transport Directorate, the old licence is retained by the Authority and a fresh one is processed and mailed to them home.

How do I get a Driving Licence for the Elderly?

The process for the attainment of a Driving Licence for the Elderly is the same for everyone with the difference that when a client reaches 70 years of age, a Medical Certificate for physical fitness shall also be required and every five years thereafter – same applies upon renewal. 

I’ve lost my Driving Licence. What should I do?

If you’ve lost your Driving Licence you need to go to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Unit in Floriana. There you declare that you have lost your Licence and will need to pay a fee of

My Driving Licence has been suspended / disqualified.  What now?

If your Driving licence has been suspended/disqualified this would mean that a Court order has been issued to suspend or disqualify you from driving.  This is usually set for specific periods which vary from one person to another.  In all cases, upon Court order, you shall need to return his driving licence counterpart and card to the Authority.

You can collect same licence after the disqualification period (unless it’s for life) upon presentation of the Court sentence.

My Driving Licence has been revoked.  What now?

If your Driving licence has been revoked this would mean that during your probationary period you had a number of applicable fines which led to you incurring an excess of 12 or more penalty points.  In this case, your licence and counterpart shall need to be returned to the Authority, a fresh updated counterpart will be issued featuring all points incurred, this against a fee of €6. 

After three (3) months you may be able to start the whole process afresh to obtain your driving licence.

I am no longer interested in keeping my Driving Licence, what do I need to do?

If you are no longer interested in driving you may return your driving licence counterpart and card to the Land Transport Directorate together with a letter stating that you’re no longer interested.  The Authority shall take note of this and you shall no longer receive further communication in relation to this licence.