Early Years

Early Years

It’s been proven that we absorb a huge amount of information in our early, formative years. Whether we’re exposed to music or games from the moment we’re born affects the way we think as we grow older. Naturally, parents only want the best for their little ones, so read on to learn about the childcare centres and kindergartens open to children up to age five.


Childcare is a requirement of the modern world, whether you have to go out to work or because you need time to dedicate to other things. Whatever you reasons, you can leave your child at a
childcare centre, safe in the knowledge they will be looked after by qualified individuals. In the last few years, a good number of both Government and Private childcare centres have been opened in Malta and services here are offered to children aged between three months and three years.

Government childcare centres strive to offer personalised services and quality care to all children, especially children at risk of social exclusion.
Activities at these centres are focused on all areas of child development, including social, emotional, physical, intellectual, communicative and creative areas. The professionals employed here know how important it is for children to have fun and enjoy themselves, and a varied daily programme will include play activities that stimulate learning in a modern, safe and fully-equipped environment.

Parents can welcome to visit the various centres to discuss and plan their child’s needs with the staff. All these centres open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 4pm, and payments are made based on long your child stays.

These centres are registered with the Department for Social Welfare Standards and strictly follow all criteria set by the Policy for Childcare Facilities.

Find a Government Childcare Centre

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Find a Private Childcare Centre

There are also a good number of Private Childcare Centres in Malta. Like the government centres, they have to follow the principles established by the Department for Social Welfare Standards.

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Although kindergarten education is not compulsory, it helps lay the foundation stones for preparing your child to enter primary school.

At kindergarten, children pick up basic literary and social skills in a fun way through play with their classmates and by following exercises led by their teacher.

Kindergarten also helps ease children in to the school system. They will have to attend school until they are 16, so it is important that they get used to being away from home and their family for a while, as well as to being in a school environment.

Children are registered in schools to initiate Primary School at the earliest when they become 2 years 9 months.
Parents are to register their children with the Head of the Primary School of their locality.

Documents to be taken:

​​ID Card of both Parents
​In case of separated/annulled parents: Court Degree of Separation/Annulment

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